A Peak at Baby Macke

Yesterday we met with our OB to check in on Baby Macke. Everything looks great! Baby is healthy and growing well. We're right on schedule.

We also found out if Baby M is a boy or girl. Buuuuut, we're waiting for just the right time to tell our parents. Give us just a bit more time; we'll make the announcement soon. :)

For now, we'll leave you with a little peak of Baby M on the move.

I could watch this video over and over. It takes my breath away, seeing the little ribs, and spine, and legs, and arms, fingers, and toes. I can't wait to kiss this child's precious little head.
Around the :45 mark you'll see Baby M looking right at the camera. 
 Because Baby Macke (and the doctor) were on the move while taking the video I've added a few "still" shots.

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