The Announcement Process

Before we ever found out Baby M was a boy I knew we wanted to make the announcement in a fairly unique way. Granted, I scoured the internet, primarily Pinterest, for all sorts of ideas.

You may have seen our online announcement a few days ago. However, here are a few other fun photos we considered using for the big reveal...
Upper right: I really liked the colored balloon idea to reveal the gender, but for some reason those just weren't "the" photos we wanted to use.
Right center: We had three different balloons "B," "O," and "Y." Buuuuut, I managed to pop the "B" before we were ever able to snap a shot. Oops.
Lower right: Typical Scott and Desiree moment.

We were fortunate to have my family visit us for Thanksgiving. In order to let both our parents know at the same time we sent a photo to Scott's parents and asked them not to open the envelope until we gave the go ahead. The day Scott's parents received THE envelope we jumped on Skype and at the same time our parents opened envelopes with the photo below.
A HUGE Thank You! To our friend Chrissy, who was kind enough to be our photographer for the afternoon.

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