On the top of our "To Do" list while in Hawaii was a trip to Pearl Harbor, which is located in a bay just off Oahu, near Honolulu. Veteran's Day seemed like an exceptionally fitting day to visit the memorial.
Upper left: The entrance to the Memorial.
Upper right: The Mighty Mo (USS Missouri), the site of the official Japanese surrender of World War II.
Lower left: It rained a bit in the morning, and with rain comes rainbows.
Lower center: A view of the USS Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri from land.
Lower right: For each ship that was downed, a marker has been placed where the ship was (or in the Arizona's case, where the ship is).
Spending time on/in the Memorial was brief, but incredibly sobering. 
Upper left: The marble wall with the names of all those who perished.
Upper right: The dedication plaque.
Lower left: Seventy years after the Arizona was sunk oil still seeps from the ship, also known as the "tears" of the Arizona.
Lower right: The gun towers.

After departing Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona we had some time spend on Oahu. We decided to check out Waikiki Beach.
A view of Diamond Head Mountain from the beach.
Loving life.

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