A Day of Snorkeling

With bright, sunny skies, and such an inviting ocean we headed out one morning/afternoon to get in some snorkeling.
 Upper left: Monument to Captain Cook - a British explorer and first European to make contact with the Hawaiian islands (there's a lot more to this monument and explorer, but I'll spare you a history lesson).
Lower left: The sail to our boat (which held no actual function, it just looked cool).
Upper right: Our vessel for the morning/afternoon.
Center right: A view of some of the Hawaiian coast.
Lower right: Scott making a graceful cannon ball entrance.
Upper left: Scott in his finest underwater form.
Upper center: Some of the coral and fish.
Upper right: Such a becoming photo.
Lower left: More underwater flora and fauna.
Center right: Enjoying a gathering of some fish.
Lower right: Snorkel trip a success.

I think we took a hundred photos while snorkeling. Too many to post them all. Instead, I thought a little clip (with our underwater camera) would sum most of the trip up.
It took a bit for me to get my underwater camera skills in check, and by that time the battery (and space) on our camera was wearing thin. 
We were also treated to a sighting of Spinner Dolphins just as our boat was leaving. Unfortunately, the dolphins were a bit too far away to get a good photo.

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