A trip to Hawaii wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a lu'au experience. Fortunate for us, our resort had a lu'au on the grounds. Not so fortunate for us, and in true travel fashion (for us), we had to make slight changes to our lu'au plans. Due to some pretty significant winds our lu'au, which was supposed to be held outside, it was moved to a ballroom within the resort. Although the lu'au food was good, and the entertainment great, all it needed was a sunset to top it off.
Upper left: Hula dancing.
Lower left: Hula dancer - this particular dancer is the Big Island hula champion, as well as the hula champion in Tahiti.
Upper right: Extracting the pig from the pit (gross, right?!).
Lower left: The fire show to end the evening.

And, what's a lu'au if you can't enjoy some entertainment from the crowd? Scott participated in a little hula action. Talk about smoooooth. :)
What good form he has.

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