Babymoon - The Big Island

As mentioned in my previous post, Scott and I had same time to take one last trip before Baby M makes his/her arrival.

We threw around a plethora of places we'd like to go, things we'd like to see and do. Eventually we agreed upon Hawaii. More specifically, the Big Island (not to be confused with Oahu, which we also visited).

Our first full day on the island we thought we'd kick back and just enjoy not having to do anything or be anywhere specifically, and it was glorious.
The view from our room. Getting used to seeing this every morning wasn't hard to do.
We may, or may not, have crashed another resort. As you can see, we were not disappointed by the Hilton.
Upper left: The dolphin exhibit at the Hilton - for a very hefty price one could swim with the dolphins. 
Upper right: Toying around with the underwater setting on our digital camera.
Middle: Hanging out by the waterfall.
Lower left: Enjoying the private beach.
Lower right: Hilton's private beach, looking towards the entrance of the resort.
After hanging out at the Hilton we decided to enjoy the beach our resort had to offer.

Unlike Oahu, or even Maui, the Big Island seemed much less touristy, and had a very quite, calm ambiance that was incredibly refreshing. 

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