Exploring the Big Island

Between check-out at the resort and our departure flight we had a TON of time. Taking full advantage of this time we drove up and down the west side of the island, checking out some pretty cool sites.
 The first Hawaiians traveled through these lava fields and left behind petroglyphs - carvings in the lava. 
Upper left: It's obvious which direction the lava flowed.
Lower right: The first Hawaiians built rock shelters to protect themselves from wind and sun.
Pololu Lookout.
 Pololu Beach.
Black sand beaches always amaze me.
 King Kamehameha built this temple, Pu'ukohola Heiau (no idea how to pronounce that one!) in order to conquer all the Hawaiian islands. The pictures don't do this justice - the temple is HUGE.
Upper left: A prayer alter, that some Hawaiians still use, today.
Hanging out at Wawaloli Beach, enjoying the tide pools.
Upper left: Waiting for the sun to set.
Upper right: The waves crashing against the natural break wall.
Lower left: Soaking up the last few rays of daylight.
Center right: Some of the marine life in the tide pools.
Lower right: Tide pool flora and fauna. 
Each star represents the places we visited. Both of us were hoping to make our way to Volcanoes National Park and see Mt. Kilauea. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to make that stop... Next time :)

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