Baby Macke Update - Week 18

The post title coincides with the picture of baby bump at week 18. By now we're on to week 19. Let's just face it, I'm going to be about a week late posting photos. And, the bump is now a bit more predominant.  In just 13 days we'll find out if Baby M is a boy or girl, the anticipation is almost too much!

Though I'm still squeezing into most of my jeans, I have to admit, I'm much more comfortable when I can unbutton the top button :)
There's definitely a bump!
And, as usual, everyone gathered for the photo.

Baby M is on the move more and more. We're not quite to the point where Scott can feel the movements. I'm hoping to share that feeling with him soon. There just aren't words to describe to him how amazing and magical it is to feel the little one...

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  1. I have a couple tricks for you to keep that top button open! A) rubberbands and B) those twisty ties from loaves of bread. They work WONDERS in helping with wearing jeans longer. You look GREAT!