The Nutcracker

As much as this time of year is magical, it is also busy. And tiring. And if we're being honest, a *smidge* stressful.

When the opportunity to see The Moscow Great Russian Nutcracker presented itself I knew it would be the perfect chance for some time to step away from the craziness the holidays inevitably bring. 

After Scott politely declined to join me I quickly made a lady date of it with my good friend, Barb. 

We started with a perfectly trendy lunch in L.A.'s Koreatown. Beer Belly had the best selection of microbrews, and their duck fat fries that were simply scrumptious. 
Post lunch we made our way to our seats in the historic Wiltern Theater. 
The Nutcracker has always been a favorite of mine, and I was so excited to see the classic without worrying about kids or my mountainous to-do list. 
I didn't take any photos of the performance for a few reasons: rude, prohibited, and I just wanted to soak it all up without worrying about getting the perfect shot. But, trust me when I say it was outstanding. The Moscow Ballet left us captivated, entertained, and in awe of dancers beauty, poise and grace. For a few fleeting hours we were transported to a world filled with the iconic Tchaikovsky score, mighty mice, dancing gingerbread men, and of course, the nutcracker prince.

Here's a quick clip of one of my favorite parts of the show.
Our little lady date to see the Christmas classic was just what I needed to come up for air from all the holiday hustle and bustle. 
If you have a chance to see The Nutcracker I say, go! Make it a lady date, make it a mommy and me tradition, wrangle your husband or significant other (if you can), just don't miss it. It's entirely too good to pass up. There are still a few shows left on the tour, to see if your city is one of those on the list click here. If this year is a no-go be sure to mark you calendar for next season - I know it's already on mine. 
This weekend's Nutcracker escape also meant one more item crossed off the Winter Bucket List!
Bake a holiday treat here & here
Christmas Book Advent
Decorate the tree
Drink hot chocolate
Go caroling
Play in the snow
Ride a holiday train
See a holiday parade
See a harbor holiday parade
See a tree lighting
See The Nutcracker
Visit from Elf of the Shelf, Teu
Visit Santa
Zoo Lights
Just a few more and we will have completed our Winter list!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to The Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker through USFamilyGuide.com in exchange for a review. However, as always, all opinions are my own. 


  1. I've seen the rendition of the Nutcracker a couple of times in Milwaukee. I would love to take Luke one day but I just don't think he would enjoy it like I would. ;)

  2. I would have been your date in a heartbeat!! I am dying to go. Maybe next year. And I'll plan to come to you :)

  3. You are on a roll with your list! I need to add that to my list next year especially since I've always wanted to see it! Sounds like it was an amazing time!

  4. What a fun little ladies outing! Great job with your list, too!


  5. Sounds like a fabulous day! I've never seen the Nutcracker ballet, but I'd love to. Like Scott, Tim definitely wouldn't be on board though. A lady date or mommy/daughter date sounds fantastic though. I may have to plan for this next year!

  6. If you could just pop some duck fat fries in the mail to me... Successful lady date, indeed!

  7. I already KNEW this wouldnt fly with Brian lol. Though I DO want to experience the ballet with the girls, maybe in 2 years, when Brielana can sit in her own seat and pay attention to any one thing for longer than 5 minutes (high hopes here ;)

  8. It's been years since I have seen the Nutcracker. Which makes me think...have I ever seen it? Not sure but I know I would probably love it!

  9. How fun that you got to make a whole lady date of the event! I simply love The Nutcracker!

  10. "After Scott politely declined" LOL.
    So fun you got to have a lady date though!!! I bet it was an AMAZING show and that restaurant you went to sounds wonderful as well! I mean, duck fat fries. Yes please.

  11. So much fun! I totally need to take the girls to see it next year. I think smaller productions of it come pretty close. I love that you made a whole girls night out of it. Those are still needed during the holiday craziness.

  12. I love the Nutcracker! I haven't seen it in a few years, but it's one of my favorite things to do around Christmas. I'm hoping to take Reese in a few years, and then later on, both girls :) My hubby is the same way though- when I asked him about it, he said he'd pass, haha!