The Bucket Lists

Now that Thanksgiving is over and EVERYONE is in the swing of all things Christmas, I thought I'd better take a look back at my Fall Bucket List and see how we did. 

Considering we were hit with a string of horrendously hot days which cancelled out any thoughts of apple picking in September, immediately followed up with a nasty bout of the 72-hour stomach bug which nixed our trip to Disney for Mickey's Halloween Party, I'd say we didn't do too bad.
Attend a football game
Bake a pumpkin treat
Carve pumpkins
Family photos (the outtakes)
Make s'mores - while I have no photographic proof these were made, trust me when I say we consumed plenty
RISE of the Jack o'Lantern
Trick or Treat
It was pointed out to me early on that I had "go to a football game" on the list twice. Clearly I was excited to do so, and apparently too lazy to ever fix the duplication. Whoops.

Not on the list, but should be: attending a World Series Game. It's still surreal to think we made the 36-hour whirlwind trip, and were apart of cheering on a World Series Championship team!

Though we didn't complete the list I'm thrilled we were able to cross off as many as we did.

Now that one list is done that only means another must be started.

Onward with the Winter Bucket List!
Phew, I think that pretty much covers all the basis!
Is there anything I missed? What's on your bucket list this season?


  1. I love seasonal bucket lists! Our fall list ended up being pathetic with what we accomplished. You guys did a lot off of your fall one. Can't wait to see what you do in December!

  2. Love this list - do all the fun things!!!

  3. This makes me so excited! I'm going to have to steal some of these!! :)

  4. Yay for Christmas lists! We gotta hustle, we only have 29 days to rock it ;) We must have been sharing brainwaves, we both shared our updated fall/ holiday lists lol

  5. Looks like a FUN winter bucket list!! :) Can't wait to see all your adventures/fun.

  6. First, dying over the new blog design, its fantastic! Second, you guys crushed your fall list, love the idea and am brainstorming a list of sorts for us as I type!

  7. That's a big list, can't wait to see all the fun posts! :)

    Like your updated look, btw!

  8. Awesome list! Can't wait to follow along as you guys check everything off!

  9. All those activities with a newborn in tote...I'm so impressed!!! And still totally jealous that you went to a World Series game! Cheers to winter fun!

  10. Zoo lights!!! I want to do that here but it is so expensive!!! (in my opinion) Also, jealous yall have the holiday train option! I always see The Polar Express posts everyone has but we don't have a stop nearby. :/

  11. What a wonderful list! I know you'll accomplish them!

  12. You guys did great with your Fall list! I can't wait to follow along as you cross things off your Winter list.

  13. Love the plaid and I am SERIOUSLY impressed with how much you did this fall, with a baby!!!! Job well done friend.