The Holiday Fun Edition

Another fun, festive week is in the books, so let's get right to the highlights.

1. The Cube! 
Last Friday Marcus and I had a morning date with Elizabeth and Mason. The boys had a blast, particularly in the Hot Wheels exhibit. 
While we were there an annual pass may have been purchased as a Christmas gift.

2. Santa Train!
Checking another item off our Winter Bucket List... The evening after our Cube fun we met up again with Elizabeth and her crew for our annual trip to ride the Santa Train, and of course, see Santa!
Naturally, Julia slept through the entire thing. I was hoping both kids would have a moment with Santa, but no dice. I'm waiting to share our Santa pics for next week. Instead, I'll share a couple shots of the light displays we saw while on the train. 
The photos don't do the lights any justice. 

3. Preschool Christmas Program!
Marcus had his preschool Christmas program this week. Oh my gosh, it was hilarious. 
Marcus sang all the songs but had zero interest in doing any of the choreographed moves. 
As you can see, he's in the front row and doing none of the moves.
I loved the performance and laughed my way through it. I don't think performing arts will be Marcus' forte as he gets older.

Santa also made an appearance at the school, but again, I'm saving that to share next week. 
I'll end it right there, as we have more fun lined up for this coming weekend and following week (think Nutcracker Ballet, touring neighborhood lights, caroling, and a morning of ice tubing and ice sledding).
Have a great weekend!


  1. Aww! How cute is that little preschool program??

  2. So fun! I love that you get to meet up with Elizabeth!! Can't wait for the pictures!

  3. Preschool programs are always a hoot! I do a lot of giggling through them. :) The boys had their religion class/church program Saturday. Each grade dresses as a different 'character' from the nativity. Bren's were angels this year, Aiden's shephards. I busted out laughing right there in church when Aiden went walking by as a shephard!!! It was hilarious, that costume!!! But I couldn't get a good picture b/c I was holding Tenley. My mom, however, was like the paparazzi walking all over the church snapping pics. I have them but unfortunately they aren't super great. I might post them next week, we'll see.

  4. So fun. Preschool programs are always a hoot! Good idea to the teachers to have them sit while they perform!


  5. Awesome! I'm so jealous of all your fun activities with cool blogger friends!

  6. Where do you go ice tubing and sledding in LA?! My interest is definitely piqued ;) What a great week you had! Also, Im loving Marcus in his sweater vest.

  7. You guys look like you are having a blast this holiday season!! And, Marcus looks adorable in his little sweater vest! Enjoy your weekend, Desiree!

  8. OMG!!! Marcus in that cute sweater! I die. How cute he sang but had no interest in doing the moves. I love that he was in the front row doing all of that too lol.
    Mason had his Christmas program thing at school too and since he does Webby dance, he had a performance. The practice went great! (which is what I posted), then Santa came out and he lost his sh*t, and the actual performance did not go well. He went up there, wearing that adorable vest and cried his eyes out the entire time LOL. Oh well. There's always next year.

  9. Preschool programs are adorable! We loved Cam's. You have done some great stuff on your bucket list.

  10. Again, my boys would just love the matchbox exhibit! I want to come to LA just to see it! So cute about the preschool performance. At least Marcus sang!

  11. Oh what a fantastic week. First school Christmas program, he's getting so big so fast! Love that you and Liz are able to hang out so much.