Julia || 4 Months

Month four snuck right up on us. The holidays, or anticipation of holidays, tend to do that. Blink and an entire month is gone.
Julia, you are truly the sweetest little thing. In the mornings you wake up smiling and it just melts me. As with previous months, so long as you have your basic needs met you are such an easy little lady. 

You love, love, love to chat. You think it's hilarious when Mommy and Daddy mimick the sounds you make. And, if someone smiles at you you give the biggest, best gummy smile right back. 
You seemingly adore your big brother. When he lies down next to you on your play mat your eyes are glued to him. You also love to lie in his bed during bed time stories. Sometimes you'll look at the book being read, but more often than not you'll just stare at Marcus. 

As of two weeks ago you started rolling over from your back to your stomach. However, once you get to your stomach you don't particularly care to be there, and are very vocal about disliking your newest position. 

Your are a drooly little thing, and you can easily soak an outfit well before lunch. I keep thinking maybe a tooth is causing all the drool, but so far, nada. 
Your naps are kind of a crap shoot. Lately you take 20-45 minute cat naps throughout the day. I can't remember the last time you took a solid 1+hour nap. Until a week ago you were sleeping through the night like a champ. Down at 10pm, up around 7am. But, I'm guessing the notorious 4 month sleep regression has hit, because every night for the past week you've been up between 1am and 2am to nurse. I'm hoping this nightly phase passes quickly. 

Nursing is your favorite thing, ever. And we are about 95% nursing and 5% bottle. I wan't sure how far we'd make it in this journey, but we're doing alright and we'll just keep on keepin' on for now.

You hate, hate, hate your car seat and you let the world know it. 

You've discovered your hands and you love chewing on your fingers. You work so hard to get any object within reach to your mouth.
Being held - all day every day is your favorite, and I'm more than happy to oblige. That's not to say I get much done around the house because of this. Eventually the house will be clean. Eventually. 

Happy four months little lady. You are genuinely a bright light in our lives. We love you to the moon and back. Twice. 

Height: 25.5 inches - 90th percentile
Weight: 13.08 pounds - 50th percentile
Long and lean, just like her daddy.
Clothes: mostly 6 month
Diapers: Pampers size 2


  1. Oh my goodness...her outfit! What a beautiful and sweet little girl! :)

  2. Oh her outfit! I die! I am totally with you on holding the baby. I'll hold Calvin all day. Babies don't keep! She is so precious! But seriously how is she 4 months old?!

  3. Oh she is just the sweetest!!! I love her! Look at that smile!

  4. She gets cuter and cuter every month. How is that even possible?!

  5. Aw, she is just the happiest little thing! Both my boys hit the 4 month sleep regression hard, so I feel for you. I make terrible sleepers, so they never recover. Hopefully Julia does!

  6. oh im so glad for you that she's so easy! makes all the difference.
    she's such a sweet girl. someday julia i will see you baby girl!

  7. Julia aka the most fashionable 4 month old. What a sweet babe!

  8. Oh my word she is precious! Always so smiley and happy. She melts me.

  9. That outfit - where did you find that cuteness??? Only 13lbs?? Tenley is going to outweigh her before we know it, ha ha! So sweet, love these monthly updates. Was just thinking how I'll need to write Tenley's 1 month update next week - waaa! Julia sounds like the perfect little baby, so sweet and snuggly!

  10. She's just so sweet!!! Love that pink ruffle outfit! Yay for happy babies! That makes life so much easier. I have a car seat hater -- still does in fact. She liked her convertible seat much better than the infant seat for an idea.

  11. So so cute! I'm with you on holding them as long as possible; I try to hold Charlotte as much as I can since I know it won't last! Aren't baby smiles in the morning just the best thing ever?? :)