Fix #2

I wanted to dedicate today to a holiday home tour, but honestly, there's not a whole lot to show. We live in a townhome which leaves little space to store all the decor I wish we could have. Maybe someday I'll have space to store and decorate. Plus, aside from our tree (which I already posted last week), the only other notable thing I'd want to share are our stockings - but that's coming up in a few days on InstaGram (follow me: desireemacke if you want to see my mother's amazing sewing talents).

Anywhoooo... My second Stitch Fix arrived this week! So, let's discuss.
I specifically asked for cardigans, a more fitted jean, and dresses. Julia's baptism is next month and I desperately need something appropriate for the occasion, as well as suitable for winter weather (she's being baptized in Kansas City - surely it will be chilly).

Alrighty - the clothes!

My stylist, Alex, did an outstanding job keeping my notes in mind.

Items one and two:
Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean
Carly Graphic Print Cardigan
The jeans. I don't know how they do it at SF, but I'm smitten. I pretty much need these in my life. They fit like a freaking dream. The color is a dark wash - which I'm partial to, and I love the little bit of distress. I like the taper and how versatile these could be. I threw on a pair of Toms, and thought they went quite nicely.

The cardi. I so desperately wanted to love this, but it was just so, so. I felt it was a little bulky and didn't do a whole lot for my figure. Plus, it was super heavy, and I just know it would get little wear while we are living in Los Angeles.

Jeans - KEEP
Cardi - RETURN

Item three:
Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan
I kept the same jeans on - because, WINNER, but this time chose to play up the look a bit. I threw on some sparkles and the slub cardigan. I loved the pockets and the fit, as well how light weight it was. It would certainly get lots of wear here in LA. However, I already have three black cardigans and I just couldn't see adding another to the closet.

Again - the jeans! And, I thought the booties were the cutest with these.

Slub Knit Cardi: RETURN

Item four:
Marlow Printed Dress
This dress. When I saw it in the box I was a little apprehensive. It's not a color or print that I have in my closet, like, at all.  I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on. It's super comfortable, the sleeves are long, and I liked how fun it was. However, it kind of reminded me of a dress I you might see in the movie American Hustle. And, I wasn't thrilled with how it flattered (or lack of flattering) my figure.

Marlow Dress: RETURN

Item five:
Ivey Dress
The color! The style! The cinching on the side! Yes. While it's fairly form fitting, and I will have to keep my posture in check while wearing this, I'm pretty sure this is the winner for Julia's baptism. I'm clearly going to need a sweater, or blazer, or something to keep my upper half from freezing, but I like how this one flatters me in all the places I'm currently super self conscious about.

Ivey Dress: KEEP

And there you have it. Fix number two. While I thought/hoped/dreamed it would be the unicorn of fixes, it was close but not quite there.

Are you a Stitch Fixer? No? *gasp* Do you want to be? *heads nod* Use my referral link to get started!

Ok - time for your thoughts. Did you like the pieces? Did I keep the right ones? Send the right ones back?


  1. I think you should have kept the first dress, too. Right away I thought "YES!!" so was surprised when you said 'no'. Otherwise I totally agree w/ your other keeps and returns. :)

  2. Loving those jeans! I do Stitch Fix but haven't been very happy with it my last 2 stitches!! Jealous!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the items you chose to keep!!! I'm getting my next fix on Monday and am seriously hoping that they send me those jeans! I've been DYING to try some boyfriend jeans but have no idea how to find any that fit me and know that stitch fix could hook me up. I don't know how they do it, but they are amazing!

  4. I love the dress you are keeping! It looks great on you and it will be perfect for a baptism! I also love the first cardi (and its pattern) but no use in keeping if you won't wear it! The jeans look great! You're right--they're perfect with casual flats and booties! SF jean shopping is THE BEST!

  5. Love the dark wash jeans. That first cardi was a bummer, it looks so cute! But if its impractical back it goes. I have SO many black cardis so I can really relate and that last dress is stunning. Emily was just hanging over my shoulder and said "What a beautiful outfit!" So you sold both of us on that one ;).

  6. I love that blue dress - it looks great on you!

  7. Yay for more great jeans! That blue looks great on you!! I think you could add some tights and a cute little jacket to make it midwest winter friendly!


  8. I like that first cardigan. Too bad it's too heavy for CA! Love the jeans and the dress too.

  9. I also thought YES on the first dress-I thought it looked great on you!!

  10. I really like that dress! Looks great on you! We too have Charlotte's baptism next month, so I need to find an outfit!

  11. You look great in the last blue dress.

  12. I agree with all your decisions!!! the jeans are so soft but mine were HUGE. love your choices!

  13. You look great in those dresses! I totally got the AH- vibe too ;) The jeans and bootie combo was perfection. You are looking amazing, Desiree!

  14. I think you should share anyway!

    I love the jeans and the dress you kept is perfection on you. Looks so good!

  15. LOVE that dress you kept! I also really liked the graphic print cardigan, but I could see how it would be too bulky for Cali.

  16. While the blue dress you're keeping does look great, I actually kind of like the dress you're sending back. Happened with Fix #1 too, I also liked a couple choices you weren't fond of enough to keep & not send back. Glad you're keeping the jeans too, they look really good as well. While in theory I like the style of boyfriend jeans, I just don't think I have the proper footwear to pull them off. Yes, I know that should be a free pass to go find some shoes to go with them, I'm just not that into shopping in general- especially for shoes...
    Seems like your Fix #2 wasn't all bad!

  17. The blue shirred dress -- gorgeous! L-o-v-e the jean/bootie combo, I'm still on the hunt for booties they jazz up any outfit!