M & J Monday

Here comes Santa Clause! Here comes Santa Clause! Right down Santa Clause Lane!

Marcus has had his fair share of Santa sightings this year. And, while Julia was there for each and everyone of them, she slept through a majority. Our last two Santa visits I may or may not have disturbed her slumber so I could get a shot with both kids with the Jolly Old Elf.
This was our last Santa stop, and also included our first ever Christmas caroling experience.
I love this picture for so many reasons.
Marcus had seen Santa so many times I'm fairly certain he was 100% over it by this point.
Julia - sweet little lady - this is the best Santa fail I could get of her this year: a slightly pouted lip and watery eyes. Maybe next year she'll produce that classic screaming shot I not-so-secretly love.
I was so desperate for a picture of both kids with Santa that I made a trip to see the mall Santa. I'm actually pretty pleased with how they turned out. I had to wake Julia from her slumber, and she had exactly zero idea of what the hell was going on. We were smart to get to the mall on a weekday, right as the mall opened. We were the first in line and Marcus was able to have a small chat with Santa without being rushed.
My favorite Santa stop - The Santa Train! I was so bummed that Julia slept through this one. He's my favorite Santa, and though the pictures are taken at night - thus making it difficult to photograph well - I just love the stage and display. I also love how apprehensive Marcus looks.
Santa surprised all the kids at Marcus' school and stopped in after their Christmas program. Santa was in a gymnasium, so the lighting was not at all awesome. But, the kids were so excited to see the Man in the Red Suit.
Our first Santa visit - The Zoo Lights - and I mentioned before, the pictures with Santa came with insanely inflated prices, so I shamelessly screenshot and bootlegged this photo. 
And that's a wrap on visits with Santa this year!

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  1. Haha! Looooove these! And I love the crying Santa pics, too!

  2. You got some great pictures of the kids with Santa!! I'm impressed. :)

  3. hahaha man Santa has been busy visiting with you guys!! I love that train one's set too. Julia is so cute all annoyed looking though! Even without the meltdown =) the 'how could you??' face.

  4. Oh man!! You guys did great with Santa AND you even got Julia in two of them! I love it!! The one at the mall actually came out really great!
    Is it wrong that I'm secretly hoping for a meltdown one next year? I got my wish with Mason last Thursday at his school performance. Little man was OVER the whole Santa experience! Apparently four is one too many! lol

  5. I think Julia is on the fence in the second photo. Like she may have lost it has she been held a bit longer. I love that Marcus is so pro-Santa! Connor is the same way.

  6. Great pics! I love Julia's little bows!


  7. Awww- great pictures! I managed to get one iconic screaming toddler pic this year. She'll thank me when she's older ;)


  8. My favorite picture is the one where Marcus is hugging Santa - so sweet!!! I love how easy our Santa is to see but I really wish he was a sweeter, more charming Santa. He doesn't encourage the kids to come closer, doesn't offer a hug or high five and doesn't try to chat w/ the kids in the manner in which I think Santa would/should. Sigh, oh well, can't win them all. I'll deal w/ him since I have no desire to stand in a long line at the mall. :) LOVE that Xmas plaid bow, btw!!

  9. So many awesome Santa shots!! I love that second one with Julia's pretty red bow!!

  10. Oh goodness that second one is just my favorite... although they are all adorable :). Sweet memories!

  11. I'm jealous. crue wouldn't get within 15 feet of a Santa this year!

  12. These are all darling! Im dying over Julia's stunned expressions and Marcus is so nonplussed, haha!

  13. I love both pictures! How sweet is the one where Marcus is hugging Santa?!?!?!