The Tree Lighting & Sledding Edition

Our Winter Bucket List is a fairly lengthy one, so we've started right in on crossing items off. Yesterday we managed a two for one deal with a tree lighting AND playing in the snow. All right here in Southern California. Let it be noted though that I still have grand plans of either snow in the Midwest when we visit for Christmas, or a trip to the mountains to frolic merrily along there. If neither of those pan out, at least we can say we had this.

The highlights...

1. Marcus was so excited when he saw the sledding hill, complete with ACTUAL snow.
It was so crazy to see snow on the ground and kids in nothing more than sweatshirts.

2. The actual sledding was the. best. thing. ever.
Marcus went down that little snow hill over and over and over again. That look of pure joy? Absolutely priceless.

3. Marcus even let me in on the action.
It's blurry but I seriously don't care. We had the best time.
Julia and Scott hung back and took photos of the snowy fun while Marcus and I went down the snowy hill. A little one on one time with my little man was something both of us needed.

4. Because a video is always fun. Here's a quick clip of Marcus and me taking a trip down the hill.
We went down the hill a few times together, and I can honestly say it was a blast. It was so much fun going down with Marcus, and bonus points for not freezing while sledding (73 degrees is my kind of sledding weather)!

5. The sledding events led up to our town's tree lighting.
If you follow me on Snapchat (desireemacke) you saw there was a nice little countdown that everyone participated in before the tree was lit.

Some pretty simple stuff, but man did we make some pretty stellar memories.

And, just like that, two more items are off our list.
Bake a holiday treat
Christmas Book Advent Calendar - each night our elf brings a new book to countdown to Christmas
Play in the snow
See a tree lighting
Visit from Elf on the Shelf, Teu
Visit Santa - we saw Santa at the Zoo Lights, and I'm pretty sure we'll see him a few more times before Christmas is over
Zoo Lights
Have a great weekend!


  1. How fun!!! And how awesome that they do this for an area where there is no snow =) Although, I will gladly send you all of our snow once it's here ;)

  2. that is so cool! I'd love to go sledding in warm weather!

  3. That sledding! So much fun!!!! I can't wait until we have more snow... kind of :)

  4. Super cute! I love doing that kind of sledding...of course they are more intense here in Utah, but it's a great way for kids in sunny states to enjoy the snow as well!

  5. Fun!!! You're off to a great start w/ your list!

  6. That is awesome and looks like so much fun! Your faces are priceless. Such a great idea.

  7. How CUTE is this?!?!? Making great memories for sure!

  8. that just looks like so much fun! Your town tree is beautiful too!! Yay for sledding in warm weather -- sounds perfect to me!

  9. Sledding in LA?!? Who would have thought. James took C last year when I was in Cali with you and Liz and if I'm being honest, I was more than okay. Playing in the snow isn't my thing.

  10. Look at you crossing things off left and right. I am SERIOUSLY impressed. Glad that you guys had so much fun playing in the snow!!!

  11. SO FUN!!!
    So I literally just typed out "where do you plan to go on a holiday train?" and then was like DUH! In my defense, I've been awake since like 1:30am this morning. So I have an excuse :) For some reason I was thinking something like the Polar Express (which I would love to do but I think the nearest one is in Arizona).
    I seriously LOVE the picture of Marcus on the sled by himself. His face says it all. He had a BLAST in the snow!

  12. So much fun! The sled pictures are amazing! Having fun with snow, without dealing with the snow weather? Sounds perfect!

  13. What a fun event!! I wish Texas would bring in some snow and have something like this!! We are in the 70's all week here. Just wild. You are knocking things off your list something fierce already. Way to go!

  14. This looks amazing!! Totally my kind of sledding when all you need is sweatpants!

  15. So cool! I love sledding and can't wait to take Reese this year! Hoping we get some snow soon though. Right now, the weather here has been a little nuts. Its 48 today!