Candy Cane Lane & Chill

With just two days till Christmas we are packing in every last bit of holiday fun.

Last night we made our annual trip to Candy Cane Lane - a neighborhood where almost every house strings lights and decorates. It's house after house, block after block of Christmas cheer. And, it's a big deal. A chain of cars snakes its way through the streets, and hundreds of people take foot and walk the neighborhood. 
The pigs were among Marcus' favorite display. It certainly wasn't mine top pick, but whatever. 
Of course no phone photo - or any photo, for that matter - does the lights justice. But I pinky swear it's a sight to behold. 

The festivities for the week didn't stop there. This morning we headed to Queen Mary's Chill. We went a couple years ago with friends, and I thought it would be something Marcus would love. 
The ice tubing slide? Smash hit. 
After a few times down the slide I figured a trip through the Ice Kingdom would be as successful, as it was complete with an ice slide. Well, the Ice Kingdom is kept at a frigid 7°, and Marcus was not at all a fan of the cold. We were in and out in record time, and right back to tubing. That's not to say I didn't snap a few photos of all the icy awesomeness. 

The theme was A Christmas Carol. I wish we could have spent just a little more time with each ice display. Maybe next year... 

And just like that we are wrapping up our Bucket list and counting down the hours till Santa comes, and more importantly, the celebration of Christ's birth.


  1. Look at that list! Wahoo, you guys are killing it! I wish people put forth an effort into having a place for us to sled. The only time we get to go is the rare occasion that it snows enough to go haha ha!

  2. You have gotten so much crossed off your list... good job!!! We have yet to watch "Christmas Vacation" too, so that may happen tonight! :-)

  3. That is an awesome place with all the lights. I wonder if they make people who move into the neighborhood promise they'll put up lights? :)


  4. Next year... we plan ahead and find a weekend to go to the lights! I was so bummed we couldn't go with you.
    Also, next year we get babysitters and go to Chill on our own and participate in the ice bar!!