Zoo Lights || Round Two

After last year's zoo lights (albeit very soggy and chilly) with Elizabeth and her family, I knew the lights were something I wanted our family to experience again, perhaps even make into a holiday tradition.

This past weekend we had zero plans, and after some communication with Elizabeth, we convinced our husbands that Sunday would make for an exceptionally fine evening to stroll the LA Zoo and take in some pretty spectacular lights (we also checked to make sure the forecast was free of any precipitation). 
We cruised the zoo grounds and ooh'd and ahhh'd at all of the displays. I particularly loved the interaction been Marcus and Mason as they got up close to a few displays. 
Of course my photos don't do true justice, but I can't help but include some of the pictures anyway. 
The Jolly Old Man was even there! However, personal photos were not allowed, and the going rate for the cheapest package was $25. Sorry, but for mediocre photos? No thanks. I'll rock these bootleg, screen shot pics, thankyouverymuch. 
After Santa we took a spin on the carousel. Very possibly the highlight for both boys. 
Through it all Julia snoozed in and out and just went along for the ride. 
Our zoo tour ended with a trip through some pretty stunning light tunnels. 
And no blogger date would be complete without a picture of us together!
Here's to a successful, non-rainy zoo light tradition! 


  1. Oh how fun you guys went back!!! The lights are beautiful! Marcus did so awesome with Santa but nope $25 is too much! The light tunnels are my favorite - so glad you guys didn't have rain this year!

  2. How fun!!! I wish there was something like this around here! And doesn't it annoy the heck out of me when they charge and arm and a leg for Santa pictures. I complain about this year after year. It makes me sad that families that truly cannot afford a Santa picture will probably never have one. Ughh...anyway!! LOL I'm glad you guys had fun =)

    1. I totally agree with you! I think if you're already paying for admission into a place you should be able to take your own photos. :/

  3. Love you too and your dates, so jealous. The lights certainly looked more enjoyable this year! So glad you were able to go again and stay dry this time!

  4. What a beautiful event! I wish they had that around here! You two always have such fun!

  5. I loved seeing yours and Liz’ snaps of the Zoo lights! So fun and festive. These are great photos! Ahh, I hate when picture packages are so expensive especially when you know that you can take better photos! We love to go to the Bass Pro Shop for our Santa pics. He always look so real, the background is awesome AND they let you take your own photos too. You get a free 4x6 print and can purchase more if you wish. This year they had a thing where you donate a $20 toy or gift card and they give you the $20 picture package for doing so. I thought that was great! Anyhow, great pictures. I love that Marcus and Mason interacted. Looks like they had a great time. And the tunnel of lights? Awesomesauce!

  6. Great pics! We did our local zoo's light event this past weekend - such a fun holiday tradition! Your zoo looked pretty fabulous! $25 for Santa photos is ridiculous. Especially when places like this usually have poor quality printers and just okay photographers. And you end up having to pay extra if you choose a package that has the digital version (which, sadly, I've done before so I could edit and print the photo myself).

  7. It makes me happy you two ladies hang out :) So are the animals still on display too during the lights show? I would LOVE to see that! Ive actually never been to the LA Zoo even though we always say we're going to go lol.

  8. OMG! That place looks absolutely amazing! The price of Santa pictures is crazy though. Umm..no!

  9. It's so lame when those Santa pictures are crazy expensive. The bootleg ones are just as good ;) I always sneak in with my phone to take picture hah! I am in Central California, I wonder if any of these Zoos do anything similar to this. Looks so fun!

  10. All I can say is I'm jealous of your date with Liz. I need to move to LA. STAT!

  11. So much fun!! I love that you and Liz and your families can get together and do fun things like this!