Good Eats at the Beach - Revolution Foods {{Giveaway}}

Prepping for the beach is generally an easy task. Grab a ton of sunblock, a beach mat, a million beach toys, and you're almost set. The one thing that isn't easy for me to pack are snacks. It is inevitable that any decent amout of time playing in the sand and sun is going to create hungry tummies. With all the good fun and exercise that is exerted at the beach I don't want to fill those tummies with unhealthy things.

It wasn't too long ago I was introduced to revolution foods and revolution meal kits. I was so impressed with what went inside the kits that I knew I'd found the perfect snack to pack for the beach. 
Everything in the meal kit is *good* stuff. And, I'm not just talking tasting good. I'm talking about what goes into the food before it reaches tummies. But, trust me when I say it's all yummy. I may have snuck a few bites for myself. 
The turkey is raised without antibiotics, nitrites or nitrates. The cheese is made from milk that is not treated with growth hormones. There are at least 7 grams of whole grains per kit. Each kit has one serving of fruit.
During our latest beach trip I thought there might be two cute beach babies who would love snacking away on a revolution meal kit.
The kit was a hit with both bebes!
In addition to making a kit into a snack I also found it made for a great, quick at home lunch.
The individual packing is AWESOME for snacking on the go.
Just look at those chunks of real cheese!!
I paired the kit with some carrots and grapes and Little Man had himself one mighty tasty meal.
To read more about revolution foods, and their mission to get *real food* to tummies everywhere be sure to click >>here<<

Because we love these kits so much we want you to try them, too! Just enter the easy giveaway below. Two lucky winners will receive two vouchers to check out these awesome meal kits.
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  1. Yum!!! We could definitely use these for our beach days! ;) Happy Wednesday!

  2. I'm a teacher, so I'd bring it for my lunch!

  3. Since summer is right around the corner, it would be really quick and easy to have a Revolution lunch to take to the splash pad or pool.

  4. Yum--like Lunchables from my childhood, only healthier haha. I'd take them to the splash pad!

  5. is that turkey at room temp???
    other than that thought, this totally reminds me of lunchables. YUM.

  6. THis would be great to pack anywhere - we're always eating lunch on the go! And something quick and easy would be awesome!

  7. I'd love to have this to send with Hayden when he rides in the tractor with Robbie!

  8. Is it bad that I want to go buy these for my lunch? Hahahaha. These look perfect for all the summer activities we have planned! I can only eat out so many times before I want to curl in a ball and die.

  9. Wow. These would be perfect for the beach and play dates! So many lunch in the go options!!!