I Think I'm Van Gogh

It took one painting class and I was hooked. I mean, my painting wasn't going to win any art gallery awards, but the entire painting process was one I immediately fell in love with.

There is also a good chance I instantly loved the painting class because wine was suggested and encouraged every stroke of the way.

Our resident 2-year old hasn't been sleeping well, and this has created some seriously challenging days. Last week was no exception. By Friday night I was at my wits end.

Thankfully, my good friend (hi, Chrissy!) agreed to join me for a paint and wine class Friday night. It was just what I needed after a hellacious week.

Let's also point out that the demo painting basically screamed for me to recreate it.
This was the demo piece.
I have a thing for butterflies.

At first glance, the picture was kind of intimidating. All those colors. The butterfly. How was I going to turn a blank canvas into *that*?

Thankfully, our skilled instructor masterfully led the way. The glass bottle of wine also seemed to help immensely. With each sip I found myself growing more confident.
From the white canvas to this…
…And then this…
The butterfly was surprisingly easy to draw/paint
…And finally, the master piece…
I mean, that's basically a Van Gogh.

Unlike the peacock painting (which is hidden nestled behind my dresser), I actually think I could get away with displaying this on a wall, and it looking ok.
Cheers to a fun, and very much needed, night out!

Seriously, if you've never done a paint and sip, or paint and pour, or paint and what-ever-you-want-to-call-it, you need to. You'll walk away a little tipsy with a one of a kind piece of art.


  1. Loving your hair in that picture hot momma!!!

  2. I can't wait to try this! I'm going with some of my old coworkers in June. It seems like a blast. :) Also, your hair looks fantastic.

  3. Paint and glug?? Do they have that? Sign me UP.

  4. Love! The only thing that is missing is a burlap bow at the bottom.

  5. I want to try that too! There's one about 30 minutes from me. Your painting came out great!

  6. Awesome job! I need to look into one of those around here (yea right, who am I kidding! I doubt even Cedar Rapids has that yet. Give it a year!)!!!

  7. Oh I love it! I'd hang it. I'd hang the peacock too though =) I like em both. I like the progress shots, almost seems do-able. I'm a zero on the artistic ability meter myself. But, with wine all things are possible right?

  8. that butterfly painting is beautiful and I LOVE pink moscato!! yummy!

  9. It looks awesome (almost as awesome as the wine!). I did one of these classes a while back and my painting was so sad and awful. Yours is much better!

  10. It really looks like fun and I have a friend who teaches these. I'll have to go sometime for sure. Love your painting (and you, you're so pretty!).

  11. oh wow! both of your paintings look so, so good! I would be horrible at that but good to know that the wine helps a bit, haha. looks like such a fun thing to do!

  12. I absolutely love this! It look amazing. I love painting but I can not draw so this is something that I would love to try. It's got to feel nice to get out of mommy mode and do something that you love! Keep at it!

  13. i can't even draw a stick person but were so doing this when we visit!