Where Our Guests Stay

You've seen our kitchen and taken a peek into our living room. I thought maybe a gander into our guest bedroom might sway some of you to visit SoCal.

I feel the guest room is the perfect place for guests to retire at the end of the day. While the room isn't all that big, I like to think it has a calming feel to it.
The inspiration for the room essentially came from our love of the beach. When we vacation it's typically to places with sand and sun and water. When we visit such lovely places we try to bring back little pieces of art to remind us of our getaways. Let's also not forget to mention that we live on the coast, which also lends a strong influence.

After I loosely decided which direction I wanted to take the room I spotted the wave canvas and knew it would be perfect. The piece is massive. I figured it only right to make it into a headboard of sorts.

The rest of the room kind of fell into place after that.
Bedding :: Kohls 
Sheets :: Kohls 
Premiär Canvas :: IKEA
Nesna Nightstand :: IKEA
Lamps :: refurbished (ie. spray painted what I already had using "antique white" paint)
Lamp shades :: Target
Mirror :: refurbished (ie. spray painted what I already had using "antique white" paint) 
Top Middle: The shark drawing spells out Macke. We picked that up in Hawaii on a sail/snorkel cruise.
Bottom Middle: the conch sell I picked up in Jamaica, and the Bahamas driftwood painting came from the Bahamian Straw Market 
Bottom Right: A local artist in St. Thomas painted that while we were there on our honeymoon.

I think Marcus' room is next for a major facelift. His walls are pretty stark, and all of his "baby stuff" has been packed away. But, I'm kind of stuck. So, this wraps up the 'new house tour.' At least for now. Or, you could just visit and see the rest of the place for yourself!

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  1. Love it. That water art is just awesome and totally makes the room like a retreat! Your guests are super lucky! Now with Deuce coming, our guests will have to sleep on the blog up bed in my office. We should have purchased a 5 bedroom instead of 4. Oh well. :)

  2. This is beautiful!!! Can I come stay?! ;)


  3. That bed is calling my name! Ha!!!

  4. I want to visit! :)


  5. Glad my room is all done for me to visit. :)

  6. Alright, I'm coming to visit...all the way from Maine! HA! =) Looks Beautiful!!!!

  7. can't wait to come sleep in my new room!

  8. Love this! Love that canvas too. I can't wait to go all nautical in our bedroom - I'm thinking a LOT of navy with contrasting whites and tans.

  9. The only thing I don't see is a little burlap....

  10. Love the colors. Ikea has great canvas art work!

  11. ooooh I like it. Heavy goose is a very odd paint name. Love all the details and little things you've collected from your travels. Tranquil!

  12. Love your guest room! Especially the big canvas.

  13. Love how all the colors came together! I think it's so cool you have all those memories displayed in your guest room - I think that's perfect! That wall art from Ikea is totally amazing! Great work (as always - I should have you come decorate the new house when it's done!)

  14. That is a perfect guest room! Definitely somewhere I wouldn't mind retreating too. I love the wave print. It's absolutely stunning.

  15. I'll love to stay in there! Gorgeous room. Love the theme and colors.