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With Easter just around the corner I decided it was time to bust out the egg coloring kits and get to work. But, this year I did things a little differently. I've been noticing more and more brown eggs offered at our grocery store, so I decided to do a little color testing. I grabbed a sunshiny-yellow carton of happy egg co. eggs from the grocery fridge and headed home to get to work.

I wanted to see what the coloring difference would be between the standard white eggs and the brown eggs.
At first glance you might not notice much of a difference. The eggs are colored. They're pretty. That's it. Upon closer inspection it is instantly easy to see the brown eggs produced much deeper jewel-hued tones.
I colored three brown eggs and three white eggs the same colors: red, blue, and purple. The stark difference in coloring is obvious. The rest of the eggs I colored their own individual colors. 
I am absolutely in love with the rich colors the brown eggs produced. It will become a yearly Easter tradition to use brown eggs when dyeing our eggs.

After the Easter arts and crafts were over I had a few happy egg co. eggs left. The bright yellow box inspired me to do a little research on the eggs I was using.

happy egg co. is the only 100% free range company that is Certified Humane by the Humane Farm Animal Care. What does that mean to me? Well, no antibiotics or hormones given to the chicken, a vegetarian feed, and a pasture-foraged diet. And, get this, the hens are referred to as "the Girls." HA! Anywho… the hens roam outdoors on a huge pasture, every day. Doesn't that seem more natural than keeping hens stuck in little cages all day?

It's clear happy egg co. cares about their animals - which is huge for me (remember the time I told you I wouldn't eat cows or pigs because they're cute??). And, I'm not sure if it's the diet, or the fact that the hens (likely) enjoy life more than those that are confined to tiny cages to lay eggs, but whatever the case, happy eggs just seem to taste better.

Just ask this guy (who typically isn't an egg eater):
Scott proclaimed this batch of classic chocolate chips to be my *best batch ever* - his words, not mine:
I'm officially sold on happy egg co. eggs.

Because I am so impressed with happy egg co. I want to share them with you! Just enter below in the easiest giveaway, ever.

Friday, TWO lucky winners will receive a free dozen of eggs, just in time for Easter and egg dyeing!

For more great information on happy egg co. be sure to visit them at www.thehappyeggco.com.

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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from happy egg co. However, all opinions are my own.


  1. This company is freaking awesome! This fits right in with the changes that I'm trying to make this year for me and my family. Thanks for sharing the good news. I can't wait to try Easter egg dying with brown eggs this year!

  2. Such a beautiful color difference...very cool product as well! Now, I need to get on this egg coloring thing...

  3. So fun!!! Love this! And Marcus is as cute as ever!!!! :)


  4. Remember when Grandma D would hard boil the eggs for easter egg hunts and then use them later for egg salad sandwiches??? Lol!! Wonder what kinds of bacteria we ingested every year...

  5. I love hard boiled eggs! But since it's almost Easter, I might dye them. Or blow them out and scramble the insides and decorate the outsides :)

  6. I'm an idiot b/c I just assumed they wouldn't dye! Sheesh, what a doofus! :) Those look pretty cool!

  7. After seeing those gorgeous colors, I think we will be dying some brown eggs this year too!

  8. Breakfast burritos! I always make a big batch at the beginning of the week so that we are eating healthy, hearty meals each morning. And Mia LOVES eggs!!
    P.s. your cookies? I WANT!

  9. I was wondering what difference it would make to use brown eggs! My family raises hens so we have a TON of brown eggs in the fridge and I wasn't looking forward to buying white eggs just for that!