A California Adventure

When Sally mentioned coming to visit us(!), and doing Disney, I thought we would knock out a day at the park and call it good. Silly me. Good thing Sally knew better. She suggested we do TWO days. One day at Disney, and one day at California Adventure. Sure! Why not?!

So, after spending an entire day at Disney we turned around the following day and hit up California Adventure.

**Full disclosure: picture overload ahead!
While Disney constantly kept us busy, hustling from one place to the next, California Adventure gave us a much more laid back approach. There weren't as many rides for the boys to go on, but the ones they did ride we hit up multiple times. 

We figured we would slowly ease the boys into the rides. A slow train ride should do the trick. 
Please note neither boy looked too thrilled at the start of the ride. HA! But, by the end of the ride they were all smiles.
Mace was just a few inches shy of the bumper cars height requirement. But, Marcus and I gave it a go. I thought for sure he'd love it. 
While Marcus didn't HATE the ride I don't think he found it as awesome as I expected.
Sally and I found this ride to be the kid ride we enjoyed the most.
The balloons were slow and easy going, things us moms could handle, no problem.  
But, *this* was the ride the *boys* clearly loved.
It was one of those spin-y rides. Oh my gosh, there was just so.much.spinning!
When did I get so *OLD*?!
The newest attraction at Cali Adventure is the Lightning McQueen, Cars, ride. Sally and I took turns while the boys watched on. 
The special effects and set design of this ride was absolutely awesome!
And while Marcus took a *two and a half hour* nap in the stroller I snuck off to snag a seat on my favorite ride of all time - the Hollywood Tower of Terror.
As one of my friends put it, it looks like I'm praising Jesus.
For being ushered for 48 hours through two parks from sun up to WELL past sun down, Marcus and Mace each had one rightfully earned tantrum. I couldn't even be upset about the melt downs. With no schedule to speak of, and a majority of two days spent in strollers, Sally and I agreed one tantrum per child was pretty stellar.
We couldn't have asked for better toddler companions while living it up at Disney.
When our time at the parks came to an end it was a little bittersweet. All the memories that were made were priceless and leaving was hard. I didn't want our fun to end. That can only mean one thing… We MUST do it again!
Sally and Mace, thank you SO much for coming to visit. To say we had a blast is a gross understatement. You guys are the best, and I can't wait to see what other adventures are headed our way!


  1. It looks like a great time! And only one tantrum is a win in my book.

    I can't wait to see Cars Land. Rumor was it would be at Disney World also, but now they are possibly doing a Star Wars area instead.

  2. I love the picture of Marcus on the spinning ride!! Clay is getting his first theme park experience this summer at Dollywood. I'm kinda nervous to see how he reacts to rides!

  3. Wow, only one tantrum each?! I agree, pretty impressive! Looks like an amazing trip--so jealous :)

  4. Ugh, the spinning rides! I.just.cant!!! I used to be the Queen of the Tilt A Whirl, but no more! Poor Aiden got this from me, he turns green as soon as things start spinning!

    Never heard of CA Adventure. Looks cool! It's awesome you all had such a great time!

  5. marcus looks so cozy in his stroller!
    i want to nap.

  6. I just looooooove these pics!! So glad we got that one of the four of us in front of the map!! Ohhhh this just makes me want to come back RIGHT NOW!!!!

  7. Ah yes, this is the one that is different from what I know. I looove the theming they did for the Cars area, it looks so amazing in pictures. One tantrum per kid sounds pretty great to me. Disney is a lot of work even in a stroller! That 2.5 hr nap sounds amazing. I hope Aria manages one of those at any point this year for our Disney trips. Although I'm okay with any nap period, hopefully I didnt just jinx myself. You guys must go back because I want more pictures =)

  8. Only one tantrum and a 2.5hour stroller nap?! That's amazing! I love all the bugs life rides - so much fun! And kudos to you mama for surviving 2 parks in 2 days!

  9. I am so jealous that you went to Radiator Springs. Seriously... J-E-A-L-O-U-S

  10. This looks like so much fun! Kinda jealous over here. The picture with you "praising Jesus" is so funny! Your friend is hilarious!

    Love all the pictures! And one tantrum per child? That is so awesome, they were def. having too much fun to waste on tantrums!

  11. I so want to go back to Disneyland and California Adventures! love both. I love your pictures!

  12. Love all the photos. Looks like you guys had a blast!