The Adventures of Marcus and Mace

If two little boys were let loose to set off on an adventure where would they go? What would they do? Allow me to show you the Marcus and Mace 2014 Spring Adventure…

The beach was an obvious and immediate must. As soon as Sally and Mace hopped off the plane we made a bee line for the water.
Though it was a chilly evening the boys didn't seem to mind one bit. No ocean breeze was stopping them from digging, and sifting, and shoveling. 
A stint at the Aquarium of the Pacific was necessary.
It totally slipped my mind that it was Spring Break, and the aquarium was PACKED! But, these boys could have cared less about the swarm of people. They found the penguin cubby and had a blast.
We held a back patio bubble party.
Two toddlers + 1 bubble machine + a plethora of unending bubbles = two very happy little boys.
We took a little stroll along one of our favorite coastal cliff trails.
Most of the time the boys were willing to flash us their pearly whites during our impromptu photo shoot.
Breakfast was had at a quaint little mom and pop joint on the pier. 
Even the boys loved that view.
And, we played at our favorite ocean side park.
And that concludes the M&M 2014 Spring Adventure.

While the Marcus and Mace 2014 Spring Adventure focused primarily on Disney and California Adventure, we couldn't let Mace (or his mommy) go home without seeing and doing some of our daily favorites!

I sure hope these boys had as much fun as their mommies did!


  1. It was the BEST!!! Seriously I'm still on a high from this trip!

    I really need to get going through my pics....I know I have several I need to send your way.

  2. I am always amazed at how much kids love bubbles. I need to buy a bubble machine because I end up lightheaded from blowing so many bubbles.

  3. You sure know how to spoil your visitors! Looks amazing!!!

  4. So awesome! When can Mac and I come visit and have more M&M adventures? :)

  5. Wow you guys really did have a full spring break adventure! It just wouldn't have been complete without bubbles and the aquarium and the beach!

  6. Those two sure know how to have a great Spring Break!!