Packing Up

As much as I despise packing - keep in mind, this is my fifth  move in two years - I'm listening to some crazy man outside, on the street or sidewalk (not totally sure), screaming about the need to repent sins and the end of the world. And, our next door neighbor is talking yelling into her phone, to the point I can't hear the click-clicking of my keyboard. Just more affirmation of how much I/we are ready to get into our new place.

We're moving out this weekend, but I figured I'd get a good start packing up all the stuff we won't need for the next few days. Our place is already looking so empty and bare. Naturally, I'm leaving the heavy items for the small army of guys coming to help on Saturday... Isn't it amazing what the bribe of pizza and beer can do?

Update on the new place: I haven't thought to snap "in progress" photos, but rest assured, the place is looking more and more livable. There are just a few rooms left to paint. You can breathe easy, the place no longer feels like your a claustrophobic-trapped-in-a-Christmas-present. Stay tuned, I might remember to bring a camera with me tomorrow to snap a few photos.

Have any memorable moving stories? If so, feel free to share!!

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