New Home!! - Update #5

Last, but certainly not least, the re-vamping of the bedrooms.

Guest Bedroom.
Remember this disaster?! The bamboo/tree bark wallpaper that was everywhere. The pictures make me cringe. And, I'm SO thankful the room no longer looks like this.

MUCH BETTER! No more bamboo/tree bark, and more inviting for guests.

The Master Bedroom.
Agh! The Native American Art Deco wallpaper and fabric plastered to the walls. Was this even in style in the '80s?!

A place I'm comfortable to rest my head. 

The extra room, which will obviously become the baby's room looks the same. Neutral color walls, and relatively empty (with exception to a few random boxes and items we're not sure where to place). When we find out if we're having a boy or a girl that room will change. When those changes are made I'll get before and after pictures up.

And, there you have it. The updates of our new home. We have PLENTY of extra room now, and are even more excited to have visitors and guests (hint, hint)!


  1. Looking good guys! But where are the bump pics?!

  2. I wish we had bump pictures to show. Except, right now there just isn't much bump!