Baby Jackets

In a lot of ways, I'm like my mom: we have similar tastes in fashion, home decor, and food (with exception to the fact she eats red meat and pork - I refuse). And, I'll occasionally be caught watching HGTV - a permanent fixture on my parents television set.

There is one talent Mom does that simply leaves me in awe. Sewing.  I had to share her talent. Once you see what she can do, you may put in a request for one of these, too.

Let's be honest, middle school Family and Consumer Science class didn't prepare me for a play-by-play on sewing. But, I'll give this my best shot. Upper left: the pattern and fabric picked out and ready to go.
Upper right: the pattern set out on the fabric, ready for cutting.
Lower left: the front of the jacket has fabric cut, zipper is in place.
Lower right: the back of the jacket has fabric cut.
I have to give Mom props - she does an outstanding job lining up the fabric so when it all comes together it flows without interruption to the fabric, and each logo is in just the right spot.
I had a couple of friends who were HUGE John Deere fans, so it only seemed appropriate to do a jacket with John Deere. I'm not partial to one brand of tractor over another, but I have to admit, the pink jacket is so stinkin' cute! 
I LOVE when schools have fleece available in pink! Little girls look absolutely adorable in the pink fleece. And, let's be honest, the "Born A Wildcat" is simply fitting.
The argyle is so cute in a "grown up" way.
More pink, and argyle. I can't get enough of it!! 
And, the two little jackets together is just too much.
Of course I saved the best for last. Nothing beats that cardinal and gold. :)

It's apparent I've kept Mom very busy with baby jackets. Can't wait for her to sew one (or a few) up for us!

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  1. Wow! I have a few friends who are expecting that these would be GREAT for in a few months...does she sell them? She should get an etsy site or something, I think they would go like hotcakes!