Excited Grandparents

It's a safe bet that Scott and my parents are pretty excited about Baby Macke.

For my parents Baby Macke is the first grand baby. And, holy smokes, are Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Michael super  excited!

My mom planned a dinner for  a couple of her close friends to make the announcement they were going to be grandparents. This was no ordinary dinner. Let the pictures below explain what I mean...

Looks like a bright and festively decorated table. Right? Ah ah ah, not so fast. Let's take a little closer look...

Here are a couple of table settings. Notice the baby plate and the primary multi-colored silver ware. Now, check out the napkin rings. See a pacifier? How about a teething ring? The name place cards, those are in the shape of diapers. And, little parting gifts (spot the pink cup, lower left corner) filled with Baby Ruths, Sugar Babies, frosted animal crackers, and blue and pink M&Ms. 
Take a look up at the first set of photos... Those are BIBS hanging from the backs of the chairs!

Here's the menu Mom put together...
The menu is so flippin' creative and cute. It cracks me up!

The table arrangement. Pink flowers, blue vase, and completed with an eight week ultra sound and Baby on Board sticker.

Dessert just isn't right, at a dinner like this, unless it's a carrot cake - baked with carrot baby food - and adorned with a stork and ultrasound.

My only wish for this dinner... That Scott and I could have been present. 

Oh... And, did I mention, Mom had the dinner on Labor Day? Haha! She had all the bases covered.

Can you about imagine what things are going to be like when Baby Macke actually  arrives?! :)

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