New Home!! - Update #4

You know you've officially grown out of "kid" status and into the "adult" realm when a washer and dryer are your favorite birthday gifts. Two days after my birthday we installed a brand, spanking new washer and dryer, and it is GLORIOUS! No more trips to the communal laundry room. Time to celebrate! Bring on the loads of laundry!!

The Laundry Room.
For being a laundry room in a garage, this room isn't too terrible. But, just picture the upper left corner of the room filled with a mountain of garbage - wallpaper that's been stripped off 8 million square feet of walls, two old toilets, an old kitchen light fixture, about a billion boxes from moving, and other random items. That's what this room looked like for almost a solid week.

Heaven. Seriously. After a hauling truck came and made all of our garbage disappear, the washer and dryer sit there in all their glory. 

We didn't do much any work on the exterior of our place. But, our patio furniture sure does look mighty fine on the back patio, if I do say so myself.
Not much going on here.

Time to kick back and relax.

Saving some of the best for last. Stick around!

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