New Home!! - Update #1

Let me begin by thanking my mom for ALL her help during our move, and then all her help getting us settled in and making our new house feel like a real  home! Without all her time and effort we'd still be knee high in boxes, and there's no doubt in my mind we wouldn't have curtains or pictures hanging in their respective places.

With that being said, here is the first installment of our updated home.

The Kitchen and Dining Room.
Remember the "before?"...
If you recall, not only were the walls covered in hideous wallpaper, the ceilings were as well. Just check it out - floor to ceiling treachery. YIKES! Then there is the doily-as-window-treatment. Never a  good idea.

With a lot of help from our contractor, we had the wallpaper removed, and the walls painted in a creamy/yellow color. The ceilings are no longer blasted with wallpaper, rather, a nice coat of white semi-glass graces the surface.
We also removed the old, obnoxious light fixture in the breakfast nook. It has been replaced with a smaller, more updated fixture.

After (#2)...
As you can see, we still have just a little work left in the dining room. We don't have a dining room set, and are contemplating if/when to get one... There's just so much more room in this new place! We kept with the creamy/yellow color, and promptly removed the doilies from the doors and window. 

The kitchen and dining room feel so much more open and fresh. It's been amazing to prepare meals with actual counter and cupboard space! 

Stayed tuned! More updates coming soon.

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