Wow, I've been waiting soooo (im)patiently to blog about this!! Hardest secret to keep, EVER.

August 2, 2011, Scott and I found out the most wonderful thing... Come Spring it won't be just the two of us... There will be three Mackes!

I've officially hit the monumental first trimester! On, or around March 30 we will be welcoming the newest member to our family.
8 Week Ultrasound, just a little peanut -  We should have a bigger picture of Baby Macke this coming Monday.
 Week 8, right after we were able to spot the baby's heart beat, Scott sent me these beautiful flowers. 
We're not far enough along to know if it's a boy or a girl, but we'll know in a few more weeks!
There will be, obviously, be so much more for me to blog about now!!


  1. OH YAYYYY!! Congrats! I think there's a baby boom going on because I know a ton of people who are expecting...you're going to make a cute little pregnant girl :)

  2. Congrats Des & Scott. I'm so excited for your family!