The New Pad Needs TLC

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes! The place we're moving into was in need of some serious TLC. Right now we're working on getting the place into shape. But, for now, let me take you on a little tour... In some pictures you'll feel like your stuck in 1984. Other pictures will leave you feeling like you're stuck inside a Christmas present (you'll see what I mean, just keep scrolling).

The ONE room I totally forgot to snap photos of was the downstairs half bath. That thing was a total nightmare. Imagine yourself completely trapped inside a Christmas present wrapped by your crazy aunt (you know the one, she's stuck somewhere between 1979 and 1988). This room had floor to ceiling silver metallic silver wallpaper with red and green vine/flower accents. Ugh, I wish I had a picture...
The kitchen/dining area. Take note of ALL the wallpaper. Floor to ceiling - literally, ceiling. The light fixture has to go. It hangs so low I think my CHIN bumps the top of it. The flooring isn't something we're fond of, but since we're renting we're going to have to live with the blue hue. Yikes.
The living room. Notice the mirrors. Woah. Again, because we're renting those will stay. We don't necessarily want to re-do all the walls - especially for something we don't own. The little wet bar is KIND of cool...
It's clear the previous owners LOVED the color blue. Don't get me wrong, it's at the top of my favorite list.. But, this is just a bit much. That light fixture is outta here, too.
The guest bathroom - MORE wallpaper. Seriously people?!
Oh dear, the guest room. It's wallpaper-ish. Almost looked/felt like a combo of wallpaper made of bark and bamboo covered the walls. The "installed" headboard and mirror will have to stay. Too much to rip out and replace the flooring and walls behind it. Check out the top photo. See the lamp? The owners built the headboard AROUND the lamp. The only way to get that puppy out is by cutting the cord. Ridiculous.
Well hello Native American Art Deco... See ya later! The top photo... That isn't wallpaper on that wall. It's fabric! What?!? Although I'm not a fan of those mirrored closet doors, they're staying. *sigh*
Annnnnd, the master bath. MORE WALLPAPER. What is this?! It's like a bad dream. It's all coming off!
Our back patio isn't huge, but it will nicely fit our grill and patio set. Should make for some nice evenings of grilling and sitting around the fire pit. The photo on the right is the laundry room that takes up half the garage. The previous owner decided to build a room in the garage, leaving only one parking spot. We're PRAYING the landlord will tear down the walls so we can actually park two of our vehicles.
Saving grace. The pool is about 10 steps from our front door. 

When the place is in better shape, and painted with colors that don't make you cringe, I'll be sure to get a post with some pictures up. For the time being I'll just leave you to gaze at the beauty of what was "interior design" not too long ago (people seriously thought wallpapering the ceilings was a good idea?!).

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  1. looks like a great place! you will make it a beautiful home!