New Home!! - Update #3

Let's face it, the bathroom is a room of necessity. We wake up, and most likely, go straight to the bathroom. We need to clean up, we head to the bathroom. We don't feel well, we're holed up in the bathroom.

If I'm spending that much time in a bathroom, the place better provide me with the feelings of comfort. I want to be soothed, not scared.

The Bathrooms.
The main bathroom, or guest bathroom. Chuck full of wallpaper. 
You know you've been waiting for another glimpse of the Native American Art Deco. Feast your eyes upon that dizzying pattern. 

Beat it ivy print wall paper. Welcome, fresh coat of a much more subtle color.
Eventually, we plan to replace the light fixture. But, none the less, it's an improvement!
Native American Art Deco - GONE!!! A much warmer tone covers the walls. Again, we plan to replace the light fixtures... All in due time. And, hey buddy! Drake wanted to get in on the photo action as well. :)

Naturally, since I managed to forget to snap a pic of the scariest bathroom to ever exist (you know, the one with metallic silver wall paper and the pattern of red and green flowers), I also forgot to get a pic of the updated bathroom.

I'll do my best to describe the improvement: Imagine a bathroom void of wallpaper, the walls have been given a fresh coat of a not-quite-white color, which opens the room up and makes it feel cleaner and brighter. A towel stand is perched on the sink, a black and white hand towel draped over it. The black, square shaped soap dispenser adds a nice contrast to the light walls and floor. A red candle burns brightly on the counter, and a tall arrangement of twigs and berries accompanies the candle on the counter. See? Much better!

There are more improvements on the way!

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