New Home!! - Update #2

Ah, the living room. A place where we commence for pretty much everything. When we want to unwind and catch up on our favorite shows we head to the comfy couch. More often than not we eat most of our dinners on the comfy couch (even though we have a very capable kitchen table). The living room is, by far, our most used, and probably most loved, room in our home.

Had we not made any changes to the living room in the new house, odds are very great it would not have been a favorite room.

The Living Room.
Yep, there it is. The powder blue carpet, the pink tint slathered on the trim, and those window treatments that clearly never made it out of 1983.

We added a pretty neutral paint color to the walls. The trim is now a crisp white (adios pink paint!), and we've updated the curtains. Due to money restraints, the floor to ceiling mirrors are sticking around, but at least they don't jump out and bite you, like before. There is just a little work left in the living room (I'd like to paint a frame around the big calla lily picture, and add blinds to the window), but it has quickly become our most lived in room.

Hang tight. There are more before and after photos to come.

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