The Spring, Birthday, Egg Hunt Edition

Going into this week I was a little concerned how we'd pass our time. Marcus is on Spring Break, and I wasn't sure how we'd make it through our days. But then celebrated all the things.

1. Birthday Surprises!
Marcus' celebrate his FOURTH birthday on the 23rd, and when Marcus woke he saw streamers, ceiling decorations, and balloons.
At the breakfast bar I had a few more surprises up my sleeve.
Obviously, more Paw Patrol ceiling decorations, a Paw Patrol party at breakfast, and of course, his gifts (which he opened before I took these pics).
And, the grand-daddy gift this year....
A Razor 360 that has been in use non-stop since the moment it was spotted.

2. Egg Hunt!
Marcus' school hosts an egg hunt every year, and this was our first time attending. 
Games and prizes started us off.
And the main event was a crazy free-for-all, which all the kids loved.

3. Easter Party!
We were so fortunate to be invited to a preschool friends party, hosted by the ever so talented Sarah, from Gilded Feather Events
There were bubbles and bunny ears.
Cute Easter crafts were available, which sadly, I couldn't get Marcus to sit still and do (exactly zero surprises there).
There was food and dessert for days.
And was there delicious champagne and pink lemonade to celebrate the moms surviving spring break? It's very possible. 
To round out the sweetest party, an egg hunt was held!
A big thanks to Sarah and Gilded Feather Events for inviting us to take a little break from our Spring Break!

4. More Birthday and Easter!!
Both sets of grandparents are in town this weekend (YAY!) as we are all ready to celebrate Marcus' fourth birthday party with a Paw Patrol party on Saturday. And Sunday we will all be together to celebrate Easter!

5. Gearing Up for Opening Day!
Some of my favorite ladies and I have teamed up for an Opening Day Link up:
Jen @ And Hattie Makes Three || Elizabeth @ Chasin' Mason || Liz @ Ellie and Addie || Crystal @ Hall Around Texas || Leah @ Leah with Love || 
Desiree @ Macke Monologues || Sara @ Running from the Law || Sarah @ Seeing All Sides || Vanessa @ Sunflower State of Mind ||
Meghan @ The Adventure Starts Here || Stephanie @ Wife Mommy Me
Be sure to snag pictures of your cuties in their favorite team gear and link up with us April 4-10 as we celebrate opening day! Don't forget to share on Instagram, too. Use #hoorayitsopeningday ! 

Have the best weekend!


  1. I love everything you did for Marcus' birthday! The decorations are so fun. And his face in the pictures are priceless. What a lucky boy. I love his big gift. So cool! The egg hunts and party look like a blast. I wanted to host an Easter party this year, but with it being early I just ran out of time. Have a great weekend with the grandparents and happy Easter friend!

  2. Yay for birthday celebrations! So great to have the grandparents there! Have a great weekend!


  3. The birthday stuff is great! I hope I can join the opening day link up - have to get my kids in their gear and get photos!

  4. Can you come decorate for MY birthday? I want all that!! And what is this Razor 360?? I think Cam needs one!! Have a great weekend, friend!!

  5. Awww, I love what you did for him! The balloons and streamers in his room and the surprises in the kitchen, so awesome! And his face on his bike, or I don't even know what it is called, haha, is priceless!

    The Easter party looks like a blast. Is it strange that I kinda want to go to one, haha!

  6. I love how you decorated Marcus's room for his birthday! So fun! And, oh my goodness, the opening day link up may just be the greatest link up ever. I wish I still had my season tickets so I could actually share game day photos. Unfortunately, those are long gone. We'll definitely get all decked out though. Fun!!

  7. I loooove all the fun things he woke up to on his Birthday SO neat. Way to go mom! I need to up my Birthday morning game this next round. Which can wait a nice long time by the way, no need to rush it time! His surprise face is too cute =)

  8. Marcus' face in those birthday pictures! I love it. He looks SO surprised! I bet he had the best day with all that new Paw Patrol stuff!
    And that Easter party? AMAZING. I mean, the backdrop on that table and the bunny shaped watermelons. Sounds like the best time!

  9. What an AMAZING birthday celebration + that Easter party!??! And still the actual Easter holiday to celebrate - what a great week and weekend! He looks so so happy in those birthday pics :)

  10. Love Marcus' face at the breakfast bar, looks like it's the best thing he's seen in ages & he can't believe it's all for him! Hope he loved all his birthday presents & then having all his grandparents in for the weekend for his party & Easter on Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend with family celebrating Marcus' birthday & Easter with your parents!
    Happy belated Easter to the Macke family & Julia on her 1st celebration!

  11. You certainly had a fun, busy week! Rhys is in love with PAW Patrol, as well!

  12. Oh you did such a great job celebrating your little guy. What a wonderful way to celebrate. I hope you had a great Monday.

  13. Marcus' face in those first two photos are so priceless! You totally nailed his birthday! Best. Mom. Ever.

  14. This Easter Egg Hunt seemed like an amazing event! I wish, I could attend such parties. I got an invitation for an electrified party at one of best venues in Los Angeles. It would be my first visit to any venue here in LA. Feeling so excited.