Julia || 7 Months

Sweet Little Lady,
Here we are. Another month in the books.
Month seven was a challenging one thanks to colds and trying to get back into good sleep habits. Sleep training is not for the faint of heart.
This month you discovered the freedom of army crawling, and nothing is safe. Once you have your mind set on reaching an object (usually the cat or dog) you lock in on said object and are on the move. You move quickly across the floor. Long gone are the days where we can simply lie you on your play mat.
You continue to adore your big brother, and no one can get you to laugh or smile like he can. In fact, I had Marcus on my back -piggy-backed- looking over my shoulder at you, while taking these photos. He would make funny faces and silly sounds, all in the name of getting a smile from you.
Sleep is an ever evolving process. You typically go to bed with relative ease, but lately you've been waking between 11PM and 12PM thanks to the solid foods you've been consuming. You'll nurse around 4:00AM or 5:00AM, and are typically up for the day by 6:30AM.  You nap two to three times a day. It all depends on what we have scheduled. You're pretty good about napping in the car, and some days those are the only naps you get.
You still love to nurse. It's easily your favorite thing, and most certainly the one thing that can calm and soothe you. We're still plugging away at pureed foods. You're a big fan of most fruits, will eat sweet potatoes no problem, and will tolerate butternut squash and peas.

The latest discovery is your tongue. It's hilarious, and I love watching you try to mimic when others stick their tongue out at you.
You're really flexing your vocal cords, and playing around with the "ba- ba- ba-" and "da- da- da-" sounds. Your dad and I are at odds with whether or not we think you're actually saying, "Dada." I say no. You father disagrees. :) You also love to screech, scream, and holler. Your flair for the dramatic hasn't lessened. And, anytime something happens that you don't particularly care for you put on quite the performance, complete with fat lip, crocodile tears, and the most pitiful wailing.
When something really tickles you, you crinkle your nose. And I love it. I hope you never lose that adorable little crinkle.
You love to bed held, but don't particularly care to snuggle. You love Sophie the Giraffe, but aren't all that interested in those Taggie toys. You don't mind sitting in your high chair, but don't have much patience for the Bumbo. You love to see the world around you, but don't seem all the interested in sitting upright on your own. You gnaw and chew on everything, but those two bottom teeth just refuse to come through.

Peanut, you are such a joy. Your smile lights up our lives, and you light up our world. It's only been seven months, but it seems as if you've been apart of our lives, our family, forever.

Here's to month seven. I can't wait to see what month eight has in store for us.

Love you to the moon and back. Twice.

Height :: 26.25 inches (40th percentile - *according to at home measurements)
Weight :: 15 pounds (not quite 20th percentile - *according to at home measurements)
Clothes :: 6-9 month
Diapers :: Pampers size 2
Teeth :: None


  1. Oh my! What an adorable little thing! I want to just kiss on those cheeks. So sweet and happy!!

  2. She is just as sweet as pie! That little nose crinkle melts my heart! Such a pretty little lady. Yeah, we still haven't started sleep training yet. I'm delaying that, as you can see. Haha!

  3. She seems like the happiest little girl! I love the pictures where she has her tongue out. :-)

  4. And I just died a little bit. She seriously just keeps getting cuter all the time, how is that possible?!

  5. She is SUCH a sweetie! That tongue and her big grin! LOVE!

  6. OMG, I am so in love with her. That nose crinkle is the greatest thing ever. And I love that she's a bit dramatic! I think second kids have to be a little bit over the top to get some attention - Mim certainly can be!

  7. So so sweet! Always love reading her updates. Tenley has started sticking her tongue out and moving it around her lips, so cute! She has a very pointy tongue, I might add. :) Can't get over what looks like strawberry blonde hair on Miss Julia! She's such a cute baby!

  8. She is so so so sweet! can't believe she is already 7 months and crawling around. She needs to come give Mabesy some pointers lol.

    Is that red hair I see?

  9. That nose crinkle is perfection!!! And I was going to say the same thing as Courtney...I spy some red hair! Pretty girl!

  10. OH my, that little tongue and wrinkled nose, too cute!

  11. Happy 7 months Julia!! You are as precious as can be!!

  12. Julia is such a beautiful baby! Her little tongue just slays me. And you have the best dressed kids, hands down.

  13. she is so darn sweet!
    i absolutely LOVE her outfit. and that last photo! my heart!
    gosh. we need to get our kids together!

  14. Oh goodness she is the sweetest! I love that cute floral skirt and of course her shirt and bow! Is her hair strawberry blonde? I see some red in it!
    So excited to see her this weekend! That sweet smile. Ack! Give me baby fever why don't you Julia?! lol

  15. Julia is so adorable & absolutely precious! I can't get enough of those tongue pictures, they're too much!!
    Here's to many more precious moments & more great months to come!

  16. How has it been 7 months already? She is adorable! I love when babies stick out their tongues. It is too cute!

  17. She is so precious! Her smile makes me smile :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com