An Irish Blessing

May you always find blue skies above your head,
Shamrocks beneath your feet.
Laughter and joy aplenty,
Kindness from all you meet.
Good friends and kin to miss you,
If ever you should roam.
And a path that's been cleared by angels themselves
to carry you safely home.
~Irish Blessing

For the record, I did desperately attempt to snag a few photos outside. However, luck just was not on my side. One of these days I'll convince Julia that all the cool kids sit.
Her face! I die every time I look at this.
The best candid I could manage.
Outside just holds so. many. distractions!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Congratulations to Brittany C. for winning the Luck of the Bucks Giveaway!


  1. I love their shirts! Wyatt doesn't feel the urgency to sit either. Ugh!

  2. Cute pictures!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Such cute pictures! I love their shirts :)

  4. Oh the bumbo photos were such a fun addition. Those blue eyes are so sweet.

  5. Those shirts are divine. Please share with this fellow Iowan where you got them? They are amazing!

  6. These are adorable! How cute are their shirts?!

  7. Eh, who needs sitting when you can crawl?!? :)

  8. Their Iowish shirts are adorable!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  9. Their shirts are so awesome!!! Love the first picture! Sweet sweet babes!

  10. LOVE their Iowish shirts!!! You find the best Iowa and Kansas shirts!
    LOVE that last picture!!!

  11. Those shirts are just too cute & poor Julia's face outside, looks like sitting is the worst form of punishment she has ever been given. I sure hope she gets to like sitting soon, she is too cute not to get pretty sitting pictures!

  12. Yay Raygun shirts! So cute! Julia's face is just so precious!

  13. Green looks good on them! Great pictures, as always.