The Work Out Edition

This week has been kind of crazy, and the weekend has never looked more beautiful. We have a pretty great weekend lined up, and I'm ready to spend some quality time with my little family.

That said, the crazy has lately been my excuse to skip workouts and runs. I have no races lined up, and I can't find the drive to run more than two to three miles at a time. I NEED a finish line to motivate me to really get out there. I also NEED to stop making excuses and get off my butt. So, today's highlights are workout inspired. I'm also hoping this post will help keep me more accountable to get out and get moving.

Scott introduced this app to me some time ago, but this week was the first time I really used it. And, I absolutely love it. Bonus for it being FREE.
The structure of SWORKIT workouts are reminiscent of Insanity workouts, but I can select the workouts I want to do, as well as how long I want the workout to last. 
It's also so convenient to be able to just pull out my phone and pull up a workout quick. If you're in the market for an app that makes you sweat this one is totally it. Did I mention it was free?
*This isn't an ad or sponsorship, I just love the app and wanted to share it!

Is there anything more satisfying than getting a new pair of running shoes? I seriously think not.
 They also help want to get out and add some miles to my day. I strayed away from my beloved Saucony Guides for a while, but I'm back in them, and I'm pretty sure they're here to stay.


So, 13.1 miles PLUS beer? Yes.
And isn't that Craft Classic finisher's medal (the beer glass on the left side of the graphic) just the sweetest medal you ever did see? That's about enough to push me to hit the "Register now" button right this very minute.

I've been begging Scott for years to run a half with me. He's agreed to run with me IF I do a triathlon with him.
I'd love give the Spring Sprint Tri a shot... If I didn't have to bike. So, there's that.

Julia is finally big enough to fit in the Kelty! I foresee some family hikes in the near future.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. That app looks really cool. I need to check it out because I get sick of the workouts I've been doing. Yay for the races you are doing. That's awesome. I did a couch to 5K and I'm good. Ha ha! But I did do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer which is 39 miles. That was so fun, but by the end I just wanted to run to use different muscles.

  2. YAY for new shoes!!! I think I have Sauconys (that's how much I wear them, oops) but they are so comfortable!
    Also, that race sounds amazing! I mean, a beer medal? That's pretty awesome!
    YAY for family time this weekend!!! Hope you guys have an amazing time!

  3. So fun. My husband using some sort of app for push ups right now. I have no idea what it is. Work out apps are so nice! I love the shoes! I agree a new pair of shoes can't be beat!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. I need to check out that app. I used to work out religiously - until Mila was born. I just don't have time or motivation. That app would be nice so I can choose the time (even if I only have 15 or 20 minutes, it's better than nothing!). Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a cool app! I need something like that in my life right now...or a personal trainer that will come to my house and drag me to the gym. Can you pass some motivation my way, friend?!

  6. haha she looks so little in that back carrier though =) A triathalon though, ohhh brave!

  7. Thanks so much for posting about that app on IG last week! I love it!

  8. Sworkit looks fun, that medal is AWESOME. And I JUST switched to new running shoes On Tuesday. Love this work out edition. Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. That app looks awesome! I will have to check it out…ya know…when I get back into my workout groove! I bought my first pair of Saucony’s last year and oh my word. They are the best shoes ever! Yay for family hikes.

  10. Good luck w/ your race and Tri!! :)

  11. Julia is so happy in the Kelty! We have a similar pack that Finn loves. I can't wait to get to some hiking & camping once all the snow melts in the mountains here.

  12. Must check out that app, thanks for sharing!

  13. That app sounds interesting! I really need to do more cross training.

    I ordered shoes from my local running store 3 weeks ago, and they still aren't in. I have a feeling they sold them to someone else. I really want my new shoes!