The Lucky Edition

This week the anticipation leading to St. Patrick's Day was far greater than I expected. At least on my end. I was so excited for Marcus to see if a St. Patty's Day Leprechaun would make his way to our house, and if he did, what little shenanigans the leprechaun might have up his sleeves.

That leads me right into this weeks highlights...

1. The Leprechaun Came!
The very first thing Marcus saw when he got out of bed was this. And then Marcus refused to pee in this toilet. No explanation was given, just a firm refusal. Whatever, kiddo. 

2. Breakfast and a Letter
Our leprechaun had Lucky Charms and green milk waiting for Marcus once we made our way to the kitchen. The green milk wasn't a fan favorite, so we had to switch to our standard white milk for actual consumption.

We then noticed the letter below sitting next to breakfast.
Naturally we waited on breakfast so we could check out this little hunt that was laid before us. 

3. The Treasure Hunt!
From the letter above we were directed to Marcus' bedroom door:
Clue 1: To find the next clue
take a look in the place where you use shampoo (we headed to the shower)
Clue 2: Now use your feet to find your seat.
You might try looking underneath (off to the kitchen stool we headed)
Clue 3: Follow your nose to the place where you make toast.
You may even need to stand on your toes! (We went to the toaster)
Clue 4: When it is time to say good-night, we often turn off the light.
Use your sight to find the next clue by a light (the bedroom lamp!)
Clue 5: If you were to look right near your books
then you would certainly hook the next clue (the book stack)
Clue 6: It is my pleasure to tell you that the treasure can be found beneath the place you sleep (under the bed)
Marcus has a trundle under his bed, but thankfully he has a couple of drawers in bottom portion of his bed. 
Wouldn't you know it, that sneaky leprechaun left a Chase (Paw Patrol) piggy bank and gold coins!
A huge thanks to Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup for providing the treasure hunt idea and made our St. Patrick's Day morning so fun!
As we were getting ready to head to school I asked Marcus what was his favorite part of the leprechaun fun. Without hesitation he said he liked the clues to his Chase. 
Noted. I do believe the leprechaun will be back next year.

4. Lucky Me!
I couldn't be more lucky (or blessed) to have these two babes call me mom. I was also pretty lucky to snag this photo of the three of us: we're all looking at the camera, we all have our eyes open, and somehow all of our expressions are basically the same. I love it.

5. Winner! Winner!
 A ginormous thank you to each and every person who entered the Luck of the Bucks giveaway!
Brittany was the lucky lady drawn for $150 to Starbucks! She has so many coffees/lattes/cappuccinos/teas headed her way, Happy St. Patrick's Day to her!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Our boys are too similar! Cash saw the toilet & laughed, then immediately said "I need to flush that." haha! Then he went to the bathroom. I also had to reassure him that it was regular milk, but it was just green from the leprechauns. haha! Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. It sounds like you guys had a fun day yesterday!!! I LOVED Courtney's idea. Hopefully next year St. Patrick's Day will be on a weekend and I can make it more festive as it was a total fail on my end this year. How did you set up the scavenger hunt without Marcus seeing you (I mean, the leprechaun) hanging up the clues??

  3. So fun!! I totally failed and did NOTHING, but Cam's class was totally decked out, so he survived. ;) I'm so glad you had a great week!! Happy Frida!y! :) xo

  4. I love the idea of the leprechaun scavenger hunt! We made a trap and our leprechaun pooped green glitter in the toilet and that was about the extent of our shenanigans. Definitely doing a scavenger hunt next year.

  5. How fun! We totally dropped the ball and did nothing for St Patty's Day. Next year...

  6. ok. your leprechaun is adorable. and should probably visit my house next year too. this is SO CUTE AND FESTIVE AND FUN. and i'm having major mom guilt that i did exactly nothing. i didnt even dress lex in green.

  7. I totally printed out the scavenger hunt clue circles and then I forgot about them until I saw this! I bet Marcus just loved it!

  8. What adorable St Patrick's day fun - haha I love that he refused to pee in the toilet. I'm not sure how my son would have reacted....but my daughter is potty training and I'm positive that she would have refused as well! Oh kids. SO excited for the $150 starbucks gift card too - thanks again for sponsoring and still cannot believe I won! Will go to great use come July with baby #3!

  9. That leprechaun toilet is too funny! Pretty sure Myles would be freaked out too!

  10. You are such an adorable mother! I love the toilet!

  11. Truth be told I wouldnt want to pee in a toilet that had "dirty foot prints" on it either ;) What a great selfie! Love it!

  12. Haha! What a fun St. Patricks Day you had. Hope your weekend has been just as fun!

  13. So much green cuteness! I slacked a bit this year, but made up for it with green macaroons and lucky charms!

  14. Haha, love the green toilet. And so funny that he wouldn’t use it after that. And I love that your leprechaun left a scavenger hunt. What a great and fun idea. Did he have the best time following the clues? Cute picture of you three!

  15. I never knew that the leprechaun visited houses. I love the clues to find the special gift. I may have to do that for a birthday gift for the girls.