M & J Monday

I love you when you're happy
and grinning ear to ear.
I love you when you're sleepy
and want to snuggle near.
I love you when you're sad
and need a kiss and hug.
I love you when you're playful
and rolling on the rug.
I love you when you're angry
and cross your arms and pout.
I love you when you're wild
and yell and scream and shout.
I love you any way you feel,
no matter what you do.
I love you any way you are.
I love you because you're you!
Excerpts from I Love You Because You're You
by Liza Baker
Happy Monday!


  1. As usual, adorable pictures! That last one is precious!

  2. Every week just keeps getting better and better! I look forward to these posts! Love the poems, lyrics and rhymes! And the kids are AMAZING.

  3. Wow, Marcus looks so old/mature here! Is he 7 in these???

  4. These are beyond adorable, as always! Love!!

  5. Awww! So cute! I love Julia's outfit!

  6. Marcus stifling his giggle is probably the sweetest thing ever.

  7. The way they look at each other just melts my heart!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They turned out great!!! I love the bottom one where she is touching his face. SO sweet!

  9. I freaking melt every time! They look more and more alike each week. LOVE!

  10. Aaahhh her looking at him out out of the corners of her eyes. I swoon. Your babes are beautiful!

  11. Oh how I love your Monday posts! My favorites are when they are looking at each other. So sweet!