Interview With a Four-Year Old

I've been meaning to do one of these with Marcus for the longest time... Like, at least two years. And each year passes and I totally forget. And, though we are already a week into being four I figured I could still squeeze this in (maybe next year I'll be a little more on top of the game and get these asked before the birthday...)

So here it is, an interview with a four-year old.
Marcus, how old are you? I'm four (in a timid voice).

What is your favorite food? I like the mac n cheese (this has been his favorite for about two years running). Momma, I want Mac and cheese (it's currently 10:15am).

What food don't you like to eat? Um, I don't like to eat the Star Wars mac and cheese (apparently it's elbow noodles and spirals for life).

Who is your best friend? ALEX!

What is your favorite holiday? My birfday!

What is your favorite color? Red, like Marshall (Marshall is a Paw Patrol character, for anyone who isn't seasoned in this show)

What is your favorite toy? I like the Paw Patrol Lookout.

Where is your favorite place to go? Pump It Up.

What is your favorite show to watch? PAW PATROL! (Zero shock there.)

What is your favorite movie? The Peanuts Movie.

What is your favorite thing to play? Hide and Seek.

Who makes you laugh? My dad.

Who do you like to spend time with? My sister. 

What are you afraid of? Bugs.

What do you like to do with your family? Play outside. 

What is your favorite sport? Basketball.

What do you take to bed with you? My blankies.

What is your favorite song? My Light Song (he means Neon Lights by Blake Shelton).

What do you want to be when you grow up? I'm already growed up. (HA!)

Who's your favorite superhero? I like Marshall. (It's all about Paw Patrol over here.)

What would you like for your birthday? Paw Patrol (notice a reoccurring theme?).

There it is. My little guy's first Q&A. I can't wait to see how these answers change and evolve as he grows. 


  1. This is great! I'm looking forward to seeing how their answers change, too, just not the fact that they'll be 5 next year. haha! Cash likes that Blake song, too!

  2. I'm already grown up! Precious! I love that he likes to be with his sister. What a good big brother. Interviews are the best!!

  3. I love that he loves to spend time with his sister. How adorable! And I laughed out loud that he is already grown up. Love him!

  4. The cutest!! I'm already growed up!! I hear that A LOT! Ha! Paw Patrol...Cam is into every show BUT this one...I guess it always gets passed by on our way to Mickey or Alvin or Tom & Jerry! LOVE that you did this!! He is the cutest!

  5. SO cute! I love that he says he's already grown up. And he loves spending time with his sister - melt my heart!

  6. So fun. Paw Patrol for life :) And so sweet that he loves to spend time with Julia!! What a sweet boy!


  7. Fun fun fun! Even more fun when you read this again 4 years from now! And 4 years after that! :)

  8. Hahah! Yup, he's obsessed! Rhys and all his cousins who are under the age of 6 LOVE PAW Patrol, too!

  9. Awww! This is so cute! I need to remember to do one of these for Mac on his birthday this year. I love all the Paw Patrol answers - Marshall's Mac's favorite too!

  10. So he likes Paw Patrol?! :P. So stinking cute and funnier all the time. "I'm already growed up!" I love it!

  11. I'm already growed up! Ha! If he thinks he's grown up at age four, he's going to be sad when he's sixteen LOL.
    Also, clearly Paw Patrol was the hit of the birthday this year!! (side note : did you get him a paw patroller for his bday? There was one thing on your counter in the picture from his birthday morning that Seth and I couldn't figure out what it was. I thought it was a paw patroller but when we looked it up, it was like $100 and I didn't think that was... in the budget ;)

  12. Ive always wanted to do annual interviews and forget EVERY year! Mac n cheese has been Kinsey's favorite food for years I hope she grows a better palate haha. Hey, at least he's consistent ;)

  13. I freaking love this - and hilarious about his Paw Patrol inspired answers. Maybe I should get Charlie into that - or not because it sounds like he might be obsessed! This is just such a great idea to do and document (and look back on!).

  14. Well I'm just a big puddle over his sister answer! Sweetest four year old ever!!!

  15. He is so sweet!! I love that he said he likes to spend time with his sister! And he definitely loves paw patrol haha
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  16. What a cutie! I love to do these yearly interviews with my kids...it's fun to see how much their answers change!

  17. I have done this for Hannah for a few years. It is pretty fun to see what changes and what stays the same. I meant to do it for Meeghan on her third birthday and I forgot.

  18. Cute interview!! Mac and Cheese has been Mason’s favorite since he was like 2. I don’t blame them, it’s good stuff. I love that his birthday is his favorite holiday. So cute. And I am melting over the fact that he loves to spend time with his sister. He’s the best big brother. And >>> I’m already growed up! <<< so awesome! Something Mason would totally say.