The Big Bear Edition

This last weekend was one for the books. We packed up our family, plus dog (who is basically the size of a pony) and headed for the mountains. With all the hours Scott has been logging at work this past month we were all due for some serious quality time together. That's exactly what we got with our weekend adventure in Big Bear. It was everything I had hoped and dreamed, and coming back down the mountain on Sunday was no easy task. I didn't want to leave.
To the highlights!
Day One:
We got into town, did all the necessary things (groceries, unpacking, yada yada yada), and then headed straight for a tubing hill. I'm not sure if Marcus loved the tubing or slipping and sliding on the wet, slushy snow more. Either way, he had himself a grand ole time. 

Excuse the terrible quality photo, but I couldn't resist snagging this from a quick video I took of the guys going down the Alpine Sled (:09 video below).

IMG_2292 from Desiree Macke on Vimeo.
The alpine sled was part of the tubing facility, and Marcus could have ridden this thing all. day. long.

Day One was good, but I had a feeling Day Two would take the cake.

Day Two:
 When Marcus learned he was going to snowboard he was so excited. He couldn't wait to get his very own board and get going.
We opted to put Marcus in a private lesson so he could learn the correct and safe way (because let's be honest, Scott nor I has a clue when it comes to snowboarding).
Marcus had no problem heading out with his instructor, and it was clear the little man had the. best. time. ever. 

Though Marcus fell as often (probably more) than he successfully made runs down the hill, I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did, and how he didn't get frustrated whenever he took a spill. Might I also add that one hour of snowboarding provided a solid two hour nap. Amazing.
Almost a week later and we are still talking about snowboarding. I think we need another trip back up the mountain!

4. This little lady!
Julia traveled like a champ, hung out like a champ, slept in a foreign place in a foreign bed (the pack n play) pretty well, and didn't mind one bit that she was in the Solly for 85% of the weekend.
I have to say, I kind of loved having her all bundled up with me most of the time, too.

5. Our time together.
I couldn't say if our cabin had cable or not. When we weren't outside we were enjoying each other's company. We brought up a few games that traveled easily, and each night we played a few rounds to cap off our evenings. It was nice to semi-unplug and just hang out.
P.S. If you've never played Farkle I highly suggest it. It's super easy and pairs well with Pinot Noir.

I loved seeing Marcus enjoy himself so thoroughly, and I love that we were able to provide a weekend where it was so much about the little man. It's been a long time since we've been able to dedicate so much time to just Marcus. He needed that. I needed that for him. It really was the best weekend. 

Here's to this weekend! I hope it's fabulous! 


  1. Wow! That looks like such a fun time. So many cool things to do. And Julia all snuggled up and close...perfection. :)

  2. How much fun! I love that Marcus went snowboarding, how cool for him!

  3. What a FUN adventure! We've never done anything like that with our boys, but I could totally see them loving it as much as Marcus did! Snuggled up babies are just the best! Happy weekend!


  4. What an awesome trip!!! Mason has never seen mountains or true snow (we get ice here in Texas occasionally). I think we are due for a trip. And Marcus totally looks like a pro with his snowboard. Such a cool dude!

  5. What a fun weekend! We have so many ski resorts around here and I've actually never been to one. I'm pretty sure I'd break my neck skiing since I'm a walking disaster, but I need to try tubing. As soon as Mila is old enough, that's a must do. So glad to hear Marcus loved it. And Julia... adorable! I love those mouth open naps. Have a great weekend!

  6. This is awesome! We didn't make it skiing this year, which I'm totally bummed about. I was really hoping to get Mac on the slopes. Next year totally. Marcus looks like he had a blast! Also, when are you coming to KC so we can get these boys together? Mac & Marcus definitely need a play date!

  7. SO FUN!!! I loved seeing your pics on IG and your snaps. It sounds like the BEST weekend and I seriously want to go up to Big Bear now and do all of these things. Minus the snowboarding. Because, umm, Marcus and I would provably be in the same class and he wouldn't probably fall less than me. But the tubing and the sledding, I'm all about!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, snowboarding lessons?! SO FUN! When we went to Utah a couple weeks ago, we were talking about putting Mia in lessons next year when we go. This just seals the deal, totally going to put her in!! What a fun, fun trip! Our friends are at Big Bear right now and I'm thinking Eric and I will have to make a trip someday and see it for ourselves!

  9. Im so glad you had a wonderful Family weekend! Im a little embarrassed to admit this but we have never taken a trip to the snow as a family. Your pictures make me want to go NOW. Forget the fact I freeze instantly ;)

  10. So much fun! I'd love to go snowboarding!

  11. What an absolutely perfect little getaway! Marcus was killing it on his snowboard! Liam skis and it has been so much watching him improve over the last two years. I can't wait too he is old enough to handle ski school next year!

  12. Ooooh I am looking for a new game. What is Farkle? Can you play just two players?
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  13. OMG, Marcus in all his gear!!!!! :) :) :) Sounds like a great weekend together as a family!

  14. Oh my goodness that looks like a complete blast and Marcus could not possibly be any cuter. Seriously SO sweet.

  15. What a fun weekend! I love the picture of Julia cuddled up sleeping :) I hope Charlotte sleeps in my wrap/carrier for a long time yet. I have never played Farkle- I'll have to check it out!