#DJV5K // Training

I've never trained for a 5k. In fact, the only thing I've ever trained for is a half marathon. It wasn't until after I ran a half marathon that I then ran a few 5k's and then one 10k (in my humble opinion, 10k's are about the worst race in the world - that distance is truly terrible).

When Jenny came to me with the idea of the Fall Virtual 5k, and sharing our training programs, I was a little stumped. I'd never done this before… Where do I start?? 

A few trusty internet searches brought up several different training programs. One had me running seven days a week. No.thank.you. I know my body, and I know how important rest days are, so I quickly ruled that one out. Another had the "long" runs going distances much farther than I was willing to run for a 5k (some as far as 9, 10, 11 miles… for a 5k… whaaaat?!). That one went out the window as well. Then I came to Hal Higdon's program. Good ol' Hal. He and I go waaaaaay back. After taking a look at what was on tap I was on board.
To see descriptions and explanations of each workout click HERE.
Of course I alter the program to fit my needs and availability each day. Some days my long runs happen on Saturdays, and my rest days vary. I've also been adding in some weight and strength training a couple of days a week, along with running. It's been awhile since I've incorporated weights to my workouts, and as much as I complain during the workouts, I genuinely missed it.

As of now, my goal is to run the Fall Virtual 5k in 24:30. The last 5k I participated in (last October!) I finished, unofficially, in 24:42. Shaving off 12 seconds seems doable, right?? 

I'm a bit nervous about how training will continue after last night. This morning Scott left for six weeks for work, and I'm not sure how I'm going to get the longer runs in. Because, I can assure you, neither Marcus nor I will enjoy 5-7 miles with the BOB. Three miles is about the cap for both of us. So, we shall see what the next six weeks brings… 

If you've been following along with me on InstaGram (desireemacke) you've seen my workout shenanigans. If you haven't seen, here's what you've been missing…
Selfies are the worst things to take. How does anyone take them well/seriously? I feel and look like such a goon taking them!
Don't forget to post your workouts on InstaGram and/or Facebook using the hash tag #DJV5K!

What does your training look like? Be sure to link up below and share! 


  1. Way to go….I unfortunately call my training the Forrest Gump…..I just go running lol. I have tried doing C25K on my phone, but the days I actually get to run are so sporadic a training program has not worked well for me. I have to run outside and around my 2 young kids…..I am working on a jogging stroller :) You have got this….I'm just going to keep Gump'ing it until life gets more under control- which is probably never haha. I think the training program that works best for you is always the best!!!

  2. The stroller is a workout! I found with every run I was getting stronger while pushing it. I made it 4, and I know I could make it to 5 miles. Now, the girls on the other hand probably wouldn't last that long. Also, I had to slow my pace in order to make it the full distance.

    I have looked at Hal Higdon's plans, and I may try his in the future. I need to run more often than I do now if I want to be faster.

  3. You can do it!!! I did the C25K program a year ago but never actually ran a 5k race! Can't wait to see you shave more than 12 seconds off your time!

  4. I LOVE Hal's training... except this time. The novice is just too novice right now but that middle one (what I think you're doing) is just too much for me too. Hense my little I'll make up a program! I can't believe you've never trained for just a 5K race i'm glad we're doing this! You'll totally make your time goal!!