Cool Eats & Sweet Treats {{Summer Bucket List}}

First things, first...
Marcus and I would like to wish every one a HAPPY 4th of JULY!!
We thought we would celebrate, and check an item off our Summer Bucket List, with some sweet treats.

Keeping with our regular Friday Fives, here we go!

1. Nothing says summer like a good SnoCone. Marcus hadn't ever had one, so I figured we better remedy that right away.
2. A few bites of my SnoCone, a few bites of Grandma's SnoCone, and Marcus was over it. It broke my heart a little. But, at least he gave them a shot.
3. We couldn't let the less than impressive SnoCone experience be the pinnacle of our summer sweet treats. To the local Dairy Queen we went.
4. While Marcus has had ice cream before, he's never had his very own cone.
5. It was slow going at first, but with a little practice (and LOTS of sticky), Marcus got the hang of the ice cream cone.
Clearly, this sweet treat was a success. 

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!

What have you checked off your Summer Bucket List?? Be sure to link up below!


  1. I LOVE tropical sno. I haven't had any this summer, but I hope to soon! Love the pics of him with his ice cream face.

  2. This post make me want to have some snow cones and dairy queen ice cream now! By the way, I like your 4th of July tanktop! :-) Happy 4th of July to your family!

  3. I love Marcus's shoes! I've been eyeing them for Clay. Guess it's time to pick up a pair! And toddlers with ice cream/sno cones/stickiness gives me the hives. I let Clay eat frozen yogurt by himself out of a bowl the other day so I am progressing. Maybe a cone in the bath tub next? Haha

  4. mmmm snocones,or shaved ice...whatever is the none chunky type! Haven't had one in ages, sounds good. Too bad Marcus said no thanks! But, sounds like a total DQ win!

  5. Are those Crocs Loafers?!?!?!?! Holy cuteness if they are! Where did you get them??
    Totally side tracked haha... I can't believe how good he is with his ice cream cone! Mason would so totally drop it and then cry that it was gone haha. He doesn't quite get the idea of licking the cone around so it doesn't melt but he sure does LOVE ice cream. His birthday is next week... maybe the big boy will need an ice cream!

  6. Yay for ice cream cones! Looks like he LOVED it - smart kid! Ice cream always wins over snow cones (in my ever so humble opinion)! I love that photo of him at the end in his red white and blue best - how did you get him to sit still?!