A Thank You

After hitting the "Publish" button on yesterday's post a little pit formed in my stomach. Exposing my thoughts was almost, if not more scary than actually writing all my fears out. Being so honest wasn't easy, but it was something I needed to do for myself.

But, the extraordinary feedback from you blew my mind. The number of texts, personal emails, and private messages was incredible. So many of you were able to relate with me, even if my fears were not uniquely yours. To have many of you tell me, "I'm in the same position," "I understand where you're coming from," "I can relate," is comforting. Being alone is scary, but having each other to lean on, gain strength from, is empowering.

This little space of mine has "introduced" me to so many remarkable women whom I've never actually met in real life. This little old blog has also reconnected me with ladies I grew up with, but time and distance have separated us.

The community that has been created here leaves me in awe.
The support is overwhelming, and your friendships are priceless.
To each and everyone of you who has ever taken the time to read, comment, and connect, thank you.


  1. Ah, I just love the blogging world. So glad you were feeling the love yesterday.

  2. That's what we are here for ... to cheer you on. To push you through, to challenge you!

  3. What Stephanie said! Though I don't actually know you, I feel like I know you. I could totally relate to your post and totally here to support you! You encouraged me, and like I mentioned yesterday, you encouraged me to actually admit to myself some fears and maybe if I am brave enough, on the blog too.

  4. I feel like I'm a day late and a dollar short on this, but I just caught up on your posts from this week and could not agree with you more. I can relate on almost every one of your fears... except of course running a marathon. That's just crazy. ;) Sometimes putting it all out there is a great first step to tackling those fears head on. I applaud you for making that first step and it seems like you have a great system of support around you to help you get through the rest.