A Trump Hike {{Summer Bucket List}}

After being away from Scott, and the coast, for three weeks one of the first things I wanted to do as a family was get out and hike.

We've made somewhat of a tradition out of our hiking adventures. Many Sundays are spent going to church, after Mass stopping to grab a coffee, and then hitting up the hiking trails. So, when our first Sunday back home as a family of three unfolded in that sequence I couldn't have been any happier. 

Checking another item off our Summer Bucket List (a family walk/hike), and keeping with Friday's Five, here are the highlights. 

1. Packing Marcus up in the Kelty allows us to go on trails we wouldn't otherwise normally hike (which is basically any and all of them). Marcus might not be ready to hit the trails on his own just yet, but at least he can join in our fun.
 2. This particular Sunday we took to one of my favorite trials. The path weaves along Trump National Golf Course, and hugs the costal cliffs. It makes for some pretty spectacular views.
3. We started at the top of the cliffs and wound our way down to a rocky beach. Though it's not a place you'd want to throw out a beach towel and lounge for the day, it's one of my favorite places for that very reason. There are generally very few people on the rocky beach, making for a nice little escape.
4. Rocks are kind of a big deal right now. Rocks are an even bigger deal when they are allowed to be thrown into the ocean. Needless to say, we had one happy little man on our hands.
5. Before making our return trip back to the top of the cliffs I was able to snag a photo of our little family - the first we've taken in quite sometime - as well as getting a few good smiles from Marcus with Mommy and Daddy.
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  1. What a beautiful place to hike! It is gorgeous.

  2. i love those last 3 pics!
    you live in such a beautiful area.

  3. What a wonderful family event!!!!! Looks gorgeous to boot!!

  4. Those views are beautiful! Hiking is something about CO I will miss! I bed to look to see if there's any trails near us - not the same but would be fun to get out and explore! What great way to get back to your "normal" after being gone!

  5. What a beautiful location for a walk. I'm telling you, D, Texas is the ugliest state ever. It's so dry and brown and yuck. And since we are in a major drought, there is no water to be found in our lakes. Okay.. that's that. I'll be right over and will be staying until Jan., then I'll be heading east.

  6. Such beautiful pictures! That back contraption is insane looking. I think that every time I see them pop up! How do you even get it on your back? Do you have to help out? It doesn't look like a solo thing ha. He is totally king of the roost up there though and I bet it is awesome for him!

  7. Oh my GOODNESS how GORGEOUS are those views!!!! Beautiful!