A Dying Sweaty Mess // Race Day Pics

Quick update on our sleep situation: Marcus was a saint and only cried for 45 minutes before passing out at bedtime last night. During that time I sipped my wine and told Scott I was over dealing with it. So, rather than rush to quiet Marcus I just let him figure it out. I was done (and, as predicted, yesterday WAS one of those days). Sometime around 1:00AM Marcus was up and crying. No shocker there. Scott went to deal with the issue. I literally could not peel myself out of the bed. Scott must have been able to get Marcus back to bed, as when we were all awoken at 5:45 - thanks to Marcus - Marcus was in his own crib. I'm going to say last night was more… successful… than we've had in awhile.

Moving along to what I've been wanting to post for some time… Race day pictures. Next to actually completing a race, be it a 5K, 10K, or half, one of my favorite things is to see how the race pictures come out. I mean, in most cases I'm a dying sweaty mess, and to see that in print is always fun. It's like, "Hey! Here I am, running a million miles. For fun! See how awesome I look?!" Ha. 

When I pulled up the pictures from Hospital Hill Half I was slightly disappointed there weren't more photos. But, all things considered (like the fact it rained for the ENTIRE race), it's good to see there were at least a few action shots captured. 

Without further ado…
The UMKC 5k
held the evening before the 1/2 marathon:
look how excited I was…
and how dry I was…
 Hospital Hill Half Marathon
clearly not as excited…
or as dry…
I appreciate that the photographer was able to capture me checking my time as I crossed the finish line. Anyone else do that??
Even though I was throughly exhausted after the races, I think today I'm just as - if not more - tired. Life with a child, I suppose.

After seeing these pics, I'm even more pumped about the Fall Virtual 5k being hosted by Jenny and myself! I'm looking forward to seeing all YOUR race day photos!

Have you signed up yet for the #DJV5K (<--- use that hashtag if you're keeping us updated on your training via InstaGram)? If not, just leave me a message that you want to participate. Be sure to leave your name (obviously), blog (if you have one), email, and Instagram account (if you have one). We'll get it taken care of from there!


  1. Wait, it rained the entire hospital hill? Ewww yuck! And yeah, there definitely is a difference with the enthusiasm between the two days! :)

  2. I love the photo of you checking your watch across the finish line -- I totally do that too!!

  3. haha! love your pictures. How in the hell did you even manage to give a thumbs up to the camera? I probably would have lifted another finger. :)

  4. You are amazing! Awesome that you are such a runner! Glad the little man slept a little better.

  5. I saw that your about me says a mid-western girl but I didn't realize your so close to me! I am in southwest MO. I have a running friend that did Hospital Hill, so cool! Your comments on race pictures made me laugh. They are so fun and so embarrassing sometimes and then sure enough someone tags you in it and you are left thinking I wanted nobody to see that, EVER!

  6. You are such a badass! One day, I'll run something bigger than a 5k and I'll have you to thank!

  7. I always check my watch the minute I cross the finish line. Most of my finish line pictures are of me looking down at my arm. :)

    Your pictures are great! In most of mine, I look like a total wreck.