It's Christmas! (In July)

While I like to think Fall is my favorite season (everything pumpkin! the cute and cozy sweaters!) I absolutely adore summer: the beach, the sun, the tan, watermelon, fruity drinks, days spent lounging in a swim suit by the pool, multiple trips to get ice cream any given week, warm evenings spent at the park, the list is essentially endless. The only complaint I have about summer is that it is SO far away from Christmas, which is my favorite holiday, but happens to be smack dab in the middle of my least favorite season. Winter… whomp whomp. 

When the Christmas in July blog swap came about I couldn't pass it up.

Marcus is now getting to the point where he understands receiving gifts, and that new things are always, always cooler than the stuff we already have. This little swap was going to be just perfect for him.

I was to send a gift to sweet Connor (and his mommy, Stephanie), over at Wife Mommy Me. I was pumped when I heard that news, as I've been a follower of Stephanie's for quiet some time. She I and I have really connected in the past year or so, and I can genuinely call her my friend. 
My sending partner was Laurie at Disney 'n Diapers. I've had a blast getting to know her through her blog and InstaGram - she may have the cutest little girl I've ever seen. 

When we first opened Laurie's box I was blown away. She nailed this. With Scott being gone for such a long time I knew we were going to need some new activities, and Laurie's ideas could not have come at a better time. Not only are these fun (!), but they are things Marcus and I can do/make together.

Check out the goodies:
Going clockwise: Main photo - so much good stuff!
Popsicle moulds. I cannot wait to make these! I'm on the hunt for a good "recipe" to make, so suggestions are welcome for homemade popsicles!
Make your own sidewalk chalk. Say whaaaat?! We love us some sidewalk chalk over here, so MAKING our own? Yep, winner winner.
The hair gel and food coloring. That is to make mess free finger paint. I'll explain more in a sec.
And, a cute floral pen for this momma. So sweet!

Ok, so the mess free finger paint Marcus and I busted into right away. Laurie sent all the supplies needed to do this activity (hair gel, food coloring, gallon size zip lock baggies, and duck tape).
I let Marcus help with each step.
Step one: add hair gel to zip lock bag.
Step two: add food coloring to the hair gel.
Step three: combine hair gel and food coloring.
Step four: close zip lock and duck tape the top to ensure no gel gets squeezed out.
Step five: FINGER PAINT!
We had so much fun practicing tracing and spelling M-A-R-C-U-S, as well as making our hand prints and tracing shapes.
Laurie, thanks so much for the awesome ideas! We love it all!

Now, we sit back and patiently wait for Christmas in December…


  1. ha, at first I was like...she sent you baggies? Then I got it! Aria and I did that craft for Vday - I put little heart beads in there for her to move around too. Love that one. Although the dining room smelled like hair gel until I ... I think threw it away after feb, or I may have shoved it in the storage. Clearly memory is my strong suit. The tape was genius. Should have done that. Aria opened hers constantly. Smart people! We are loving these - http://www.thenovicechefblog.com/2012/06/raspberry-cheesecake-popsicles/ - pops. I make a strawberry puree instead of the raspberry, but the combo is killer. I've got a set in the freezer as we type! And, make your own chalk? What a great box! Laurie is oh so creative, love her! Happy Christmas in July...the real one will be here before you know it! Winter in Cali is rough? I'd think you had more of a non winter.

  2. Very cool! Wish I had known about this swap! I'm in the process of planning a Fall swag swap - any chance you'd want to co-host? All I need from you is your name (and for you to pimp it out), I'd take care of the rest. Let me know!

    YES! I have a very healthy popsicle recipe! Let me dig it up and send it to you - it's mainly pureed strawberries, my boys loved it.

  3. That finger painting DIY is awesome!! I've never seen that one before. So much fun! And the rocket ice pop molds? So cool!

  4. Mess free finger paint in baggies? that's totally genius! And making your own chalk sounds like loads of fun too! Seriously 6 weeks for work? Woman thats crazy! I know I've got a traveling hubby but he comes home almost every weekend. Sending you some good vibes and if you need to vent i'm here!!!

  5. Great box! Love his little face as he is making his finger paints. :)

  6. Super cute idea! I love any mess-less craft. :) And how am I just now figuring out that Scott is gone for 6 weeks?! I had to go back through some of your posts that I've missed this week to catch it. Let me know if you need any moral support - I got your back girl! :)

  7. Oh my gosh! What an amazing gift! Do you know where she got those bomb pop molds? I would love some for Mason! Although I'm sure I could google it on amazon and find them there too lol.
    At first I was like...hair gel?? I mean he's a little young but ok... and then I remembered your IG pic today and CLICK. GENIUS! LOVE that idea!!!

  8. That's so creative! I love it!

  9. I'm going to have to get the supplies for mess free painting this weekend! I usually leave painting for daycare because I cringe at the mess (I know, I'm horrible), but this is perfect! For Popsicles I usually make a smoothie and pour it into the molds!

  10. What great gifts!! I need to participate in this next time! So much fun!

  11. So fun that you got some activity things. I also saw the baggies in the pic and was confused, but makes total sense! Awesome!

  12. well how fun is that!
    and i am SO with you on summer and fall. winner winner!
    winter can suck it.

  13. Aw I love this! Stopping from Laurie's blog to see what that amazing mama sent you!! How fun!! Enjoy those popsicles yum!!