Harbor Cruisin' {{Summer Bucket List}}

One of the things I wanted to make sure our family did before Scott left, and before summer completely slipped through our fingers like sand at the beach, was take a cruise through the LA Harbor.

I had grand ideas of the three of us merrily taking in the sights as the salty sea breeze kissed our faces (think Jack and Rose -very Titanic-esque- but in more of a family way, not love story way). I imagined Marcus being totally enthralled with our boat, enamored with the ships we would pass, and delighted by the large cranes that are scattered all throughout the harbor.

Then we actually got on the ship and reality quickly gave me a gut punch. Marcus was transitioning out of his nap - something he doesn't always do well - and he wasn't totally on board (see what I did there) with our family outing.

While Marcus' mood was less than stellar (read: he was basically a pill the entire time) we made the best of the 45 minutes we had on the water. (Initially I thought we could go on a whale watching cruise, which lasts TWO HOURS. There wasn't a chance we would have made it through that without one of us getting tossed overboard.)

Fridays Fives highlight our little harbor cruise, and check "get out on the water" off our Bucket List.

1. I've always loved being on the water. Any kind of boat, ship, vessel, what have you, fascinates me.
1. Our harbor cruise ship.
2. We weren't totally sure if this was a Coast Guard vessel, but it obviously has very large guns attached to it. So, I'm guessing yes, probably Coast Guard.
3. The tugs that bring the huge ships (including cruise ships!) into the harbor.
4. I couldn't tell if this was a party boat, or just another harbor cruise boat. Either way, it looked fun.
5. The USS Iowa.
2. LA Harbor, or Port of Los Angeles, is the busiest port in the United States. Cargo ships are always coming and going, being unloaded and loaded. I'm continually blown away when I see these ships from afar, and watch as the cranes unload/load them. The cruise allowed us to get right up and watch as a ship was being unloaded.
I can't get over how MASSIVE the cargo ships are.
Lower right photo: all those containers are hooked to the back of semis and hauled all over the U.S. The logistics behind this operation is mind boggling.
3. Along with the hustle and bustle of the port we spotted a few lazy sea lions loitering where ever they could belly up and bask in the sun.
I don't know what it is, but seeing marine life in their natural environment is remarkable.
4. Perhaps my favorite part of the whole cruise was seeing the Vincent Thomas Bridge (which we frequently cross) from a totally different vantage point than what we are generally used to.
5. And, even though we were dealing with Grumpy McGrumperson for most of the cruise, it was great getting out as a family, being on the water, and doing something a little different.
We'll give this little adventure another shot. Maybe next time we'll try it before nap time.

How is your Summer Bucket List coming along? Squeezing in as much fun as possible before we're all raving about the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and college football? If so, be sure to link up with us!


  1. Isn't it funny how we have these ideas on how our outings with our little ones go and then it's nothing like that? I have come to just resign to the fact that it'll go how it goes and if we survive it will be a miracle!

  2. Haha. Even when things aren't picturesque they can still make for some really great memories. What an awesome outing, aka super jealous!

  3. ha, I love how you describe your vision! I think that would be right up Aria's alley, but when funky nap times are involved nothing ever turns out how you think. He is transition out of a nap altogether? Or you mean he just woke up?
    I love love love the sea lions chilling on the boat...thing...nose. Boat nose! We have various sea life here, but I rarely see any. Manatees on occasion, but I've never seen a shark or a dolphin or a gator. I hear the gators, not sure I'd appreciate seeing on in the backyard though so I'm okay with that. Sea lions seem cooler though!

  4. At least you got a good picture! I bet you just love being out on the water.

  5. Awesome you saw the USS Iowa!!!

    OMG, YAY for football! The Hall of Fame game is NEXT Sunday!!! Woot woot! I was filling in my calendar a little yesterday and turned to "October". OMG, my stomach seriously did a flip flop w/ excitement! I just love that month! So much excitement to follow it! Well, it starts w/ September, really, but that month didn't give me quite the thrill that October did!!! SO NOT ready for summer to be over but def helps to see exciting things ahead after it ends! :)

  6. Those cargo ships look huge! I always find it fascinating how they can haul stuff all over the world. Also, seeing the sea lions lounging around is great! I love sea lions. I think they are adorable in an odd way.

  7. OH MY GOSH! I never knew you could take a cruise in the Port of LA! Seriously, I will have to look into that. You took some AMAZING photos and the cruise looks so fun! I will have to remember to plan around Mason's nap time because he is quite often a pill if he wakes up too early or not on his own terms too!

    Random question... what does the Vincent Thomas Bridge connect to? I've never heard of it and when I asked my husband, he was baffled too!

  8. For a grump he sure did a great job of posing for some super cute photos! Looks like it was fun even though not as envisioned (isn't that always how it happens with these babes?). I love water cruises like that - I totally forgot about taking Callie on one in Chicago - def have to do it next year!

  9. Don't you just love when that happens. I have stuff all planned out in my head to be just amazing and the kids go and throw a wrench in it! Glad you all still enjoyed and I agree, he did take some cute pictures to be grumpy :)

  10. you are SO SO beautiful!! those selfies of you two? stop it.

    i want to be neighbors.

  11. Well at least he looked like he was a bit in a better mood by the end! I am so a water person.. being a Cancer I guess. But marine life is the most amazing thing in the world to me. I haven't seen much in the real ocean, so I love seeing others' pictures. That whale watching tour sounds awesome. I think they offer one out of the bay here that I would love to do!

  12. I need a spare key because when you get back from Iowa, I'll be making myself at home. I love the sound of water, the smell, the taste. Seriously. Land locked Austin can suck it. I wanna be in SoCal.