I Put My Camera Down

Often I struggle with the fine line of capturing moments with my camera and missing moments because I'm too busy trying to capture moments with my camera. Does that make sense? Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to snap *just the right* picture that I am actually removed from what's taking place in front of me.

This weekend I decided to change that. This weekend I put my camera down.

Between all the packing and moving we have been busy doing, we gathered up our beach gear, loaded up the little man, and we headed to the beach for a much needed break. And, I left my good camera at home.

The skies were crystal clear. The water was a stunning deep sapphire blue. The sand was warm and perfectly crunchy underfoot and between our toes.

I cannot accurately describe the joy I had simply sitting back and watching Marcus and Scott chase waves, splash around, and repeatedly scoop and throw sand into the ocean.

After soaking up the sun, sights and sounds of our surroundings I jumped in on the fun, too.

Though my 'good' camera stayed home I did snap just two pictures of our afternoon (because I couldn't walk away without any photos).
We tested out a kite, which entertained Marcus for a total of three minutes before he was over it.
There were SO many sail boats out.
Our beach day was one of the best, most relaxing we've had, and needed, in a long while.

This weekend was just the reminder I needed that sometimes it's okay to put the camera down. Because, if I do, I just might make some of the best memories with my little man.


  1. I often struggle with the same problem. Good for you for putting the camera down and having a wonderful time at the beach!

  2. I'm kind of the opposite. I NEVER remember to take pictures and it sucks because I miss out on capturing some really great memories. When I finally realize I need to snap a few, the closest thing I have is my phone and the quality just sucks. We bought a nicer camera before Em was born but it seems to only appear around the holidays and birthdays. I need to be better about that.

  3. I go back and forth on the camera thing. I love the photos I get and I love the moments I just enjoy and accept a few iphone photos :) So glad you had a camera free moment this weekend!

  4. Good for you! While it is nice to have photos to remember those moments, it's so nice to just enjoy what is happening :)

  5. This makes me really want a beach chair. And, a lava flow...

    It is really refreshing to skip the camera sometimes. I wish my phone had a better camera though just in case I had to capture something!

  6. I love your sailboat photo! Actually, I love all your photos. :)

  7. Yes, I totally know what you mean. I try to find a balance between capturing things with photos and leaving the camera at home. I actually find that when I use my camera less, I end up enjoying photography more because I don't get burned out from that feeling of NEEDING to take pictures!

  8. <3 ...and putting down the camera is HARD...the fear of missing something--although it often means we miss more...

    And I've never realized this til now but Mark's sister lives near this beach and we were there last summer!