High Fives and Sweet 16s

Though things have been nothing short of *crazy* around these parts, things have been very good. Because it's Friday that only means one thing: time to get to high-fiving.

Let's get to it, shall we?

1. THIS!
Sixteen has ALWAYS been my favorite number…
My Cyclones advanced to the Sweet 16, and play tonight. How sweet it would be to snag a victory over UConn!

2. My dad is known for slipping my brother and me a $20, or two, whenever we visit home, or when Dad visits us. Back in the day we used to have a 'hand off' where Dad would slyly slip the cash into our hands, thinking my mom was none the wiser (she always knew). Nowadays my dad gets creative and hides the cash in random places, and then texts little riddles and clues as to where we can find the hidden dough. This was the latest hiding spot…

3. Marcus has become so animated with his facial expressions. I've been lucky to catch a few funny faces with my camera.
Pucker up, Buttercup!

4. Two of Marcus' 2-year molars are already in. I had no idea until the doctor mentioned it at Marcus' well-child check-up. It's pretty clear two more molars making their way to the surface of Marcus' gums. Thankfully, the only real problem we've been having is keeping Marcus' gritty little paws out of his mouth.
 Aside from some hand gnawing, the kid is in good spirits about his newly emerging teeth.

5. Our lives are finally returning to normal (no moving, no parties, no renovations). Yesterday was the first day we were able to enjoy our regular daily routine.
We both appreciated having nothing to do and no where to go, except the park, of course.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I think that's really cool/cute of your dad! How nice and creative!

  2. Your dad rocks! I'm gonna have to bookmark this idea for the future :) Yay for some normalcy in your life...AND for 2/4 molars being in!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your dad! That is awesome! My dad spoiled us in the worst way too! I remember one time when I was in college with no car, I called on a Thursday because I wanted my parents to pick me up. My mom refused and I cried. My dad never liked to hear us cry, so he yelled at my mom and 10 minutes later he called me to tell me that he and my mom would be down to visit me on that Saturday. Spoiled much? Happy Weekend! And since I have no team in the tourney anymore, I will adopt yours :)

  4. Haha what a fun dad! So sweet of him, really like the idea. Glad life is settling in, I wish our park was more fun and had something a little younger friendly for Aria. Tube climbing sounds like a good time to me. I'm trying to convince Chris that we need something in the back yard for Aria to swing/slide/climb on.

  5. How sweet of your Dad to do that and I love the pictures of Marcus. Have a great weekend!

  6. my mom does the "slip" too thinking my dad doesn't know but he does... she would love the hiding money idea!! and yay for normal days and park visits!

  7. Fun that your dad does that!

    Did you see the meme that was Cy standing outside of the Seinfeld restaurant?? CYnfeld!

  8. I love that your dad hides the money. That is great!

  9. My dad doesn't hide it but slips me $20's too! I knew I liked your dad!

  10. Bahahaha. Your dad is awesome. My grandpa used to do that and then my grandma would turn around and give us some too. I loved weekends home in college :)

  11. I love that your dad hides money in random places. That is so funny!